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Applying for Social Security disability after a catastrophic personal injury in Nevada

Catastrophically injured Nevada residents may qualify for Social Security disability. Benefits help close financial gaps amidst pending legal cases.

Even if you have a legitimate legal case for your recent catastrophic personal injury, any compensation you receive may not be as much as you need to live comfortably in Nevada. Supplementing your settlement with Social Security disability could help with long-term medical costs, renovations your home needs to accommodate your injury and support you. Learn how to apply for federal benefits the right way the first time to improve your chances of receiving approval.

Know your eligibility

You first want to check your eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance. To qualify, your injury must last for at least 12 months, you must be younger than the current retirement age and you must show proof of paying FICA taxes for five of the past 10 years.

Do not delay in filing

If you feel you have a good chance of qualifying for SSDI, file immediately. The longer you wait, the longer you risk depleting your personal finances by paying for someone else’s negligence. Another reason to apply ASAP is that it can take some time before you hear about whether you qualify for benefits, with reviews taking as many as six months. While you can reapply after receiving a denial, you may either receive further denials, or it may take quite a while before you receive approval.

Create a budget

While you wait for a response about your application, protect your financial health. If you have not already, create a new budget that fits your current income and financial obligations. Focus on eliminating as much unnecessary spending as possible, and check to see if you can take advantage of local resources and programs for necessities like food, transportation and utilities.

Work with medical professionals

Besides general health and recovery purposes, medical professionals such as doctors and physical therapists can help you apply for disability insurance. You must provide ample, through evidence of your catastrophic injury to better your chances of application approval, which you can do with medical records. Also, your physician may know of local resources you can take advantage of, as well as ways to better ensure you receive application approval.

Know that SSDI does not replace your income

Disability insurance does not replace your regular salary or other streams of income. In later years, you could heal enough from your injury to return to work in a restricted or part-time capacity. This means that even if you eventually receive benefits, use them wisely, and start thinking of ways you can earn a regular income again.

Turn to legal and medical professionals in Nevada to recover from your personal injury physically and financially. Consult with a legal advocate to learn about filing a personal injury claim and applying for federal benefits and other related programs.