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What is whiplash and why is it a common car accident injury?

The injuries that Reno residents may sustain in a vehicle accident can range from minor contusions or bruising to life-threatening organ damage and bleeding. One factor that can make vehicle accident injuries quite troublesome is the fact that some do not manifest for hours or even days after the victim was involved in a collision. For example, the pain and stiffness of whiplash may not appear as symptoms of a victim's injury until after they have woken up the day after their car accident.

Whiplash involves the fast forward and backward movement of a person's neck. When a car accident victim's vehicle is struck from behind, the force of the collision may throw their head forward and then back as their vehicle comes to a stop. The resulting motion can cause strain in the muscles and connective tissue of the neck, causing pain and stiffness.

Should I accept settlement after a drunk driving accident?

Drunk drivers are more than a nuisance to Reno residents: they are a threat to the health and safety of people within the community who must take to local roads and highways in order to get where they need to go. Drunk drivers cause injuries, financial losses and fatalities. Their reckless actions can alter the course of their victims' lives as well as the lives of those who loved victims who succumbed to their accident-related injuries.

When a victim of a drunk driving accident suffers significant losses they may wonder what rights they have to seek compensation for the harm they unwillingly had to endure. They may speak with personal injury attorneys about their options and the possible legal courses of action they may pursue to recover from their catastrophic harm. They may also, however, receive communications from the responsible driver's insurance providers to settle the victim's claims regarding the accident.

Who do I sue if I am injured in a truck accident?

Large trucks and cargo vehicles travel through Reno each day, carrying goods to the stores where residents shop and purchase their wants and needs. While most trucks get to their destinations without any accidents or issues, others are involved in collisions that put Nevada residents' lives at risk. When a person is hurt from an accident with a semi or other large commercial vehicle they may not know how to pursue the damages they need to get their life back on track.

Initiating a truck accident lawsuit can begin with knowing who to include as a defendant in a personal injury case. It may be obvious that the driver of the truck should be included in the suit if it was their negligence or recklessness that caused the crash to occur, but beyond the driver a victim may not know who to add to their civil litigation.

You should not have to bear the costs of your spinal cord injury

As recently discussed on this Reno-based personal injury legal blog, the costs associated with living with a spinal cord injury can reach into the millions of dollars over the course of a victim's lifetime. When that injury is caused by the negligence of another person through a motor vehicle accident or other road-based incident, the losses can be compounded by the fact that the victim did nothing wrong and still suffered serious losses.

Spinal cord injuries can impact the victims' ability to move, work and communicate. They can render healthy and vibrant individuals unable to care for themselves and unable to earn the incomes that their families depend on to stay afloat. Spinal cord injuries therefore do not only affect the direct victims who must live with the consequences of other people's negligence: victims' families also suffer.

Costs of living with spinal cord injuries are astronomical

Spinal cord injuries are devastating to their victims. An injury to a victim's spinal cord can render a Reno resident unable to move their arms and legs, unable to breathe on their own and unable to live the life that they had worked so hard to achieve prior to their injury-causing accident. In addition to the potentially devastating personal losses a victim may sustain as a result of a spinal cord injury, there is the secondary and no less devastating issue of the financial costs victims of spinal cord injuries must take on in order to keep themselves alive.

According to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, the lifetime costs of maintaining a person with a severe spinal cord injury can reach into the millions of dollars. A number of factors can influence the exact financial burden that a victim will be forced to pay, and those factors can include but are not limited to the severity and extent of the victim's injury and paralysis and the age of the victim at the time they suffer their spinal cord injury.

Why is visual recognition such a problem for motorcyclists?

Vehicles on American roads come in practically all shapes and sizes. From the massive commercial trucks that haul goods across the country to the petite smart cars favored by city dwellers, it is not unusual for a Reno driver to see an array of automobiles when they take to the streets and highways of the city. Though drivers tend to look out for other cars, trucks and multi-person vehicles when they are behind the wheels of their automobiles, there is one means of transportation that tends to disappear from the sights of individuals on the roads: motorcycles.

Drivers struggle with visual recognition of motorcycles. There are a number of reasons for this dangerous phenomenon. One reason is that in the great scheme of motor vehicles motorcycles are small. Their relative size compared to other autos makes them easier to miss and harder to spot in traffic.

Speeding can be a factor in dangerous vehicle accidents

Despite their best intentions many Reno residents find themselves running late. Whether they decide to hit the snooze button one too many times or simply lose track of time while getting ready for an event, they can find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having not enough time to get to where they must go. If getting to a location requires them to drive, those individuals who have too far to go and too little time may find themselves tempted to speed.

Speeding involves driving faster than the speed limit or faster than driving conditions safely permit. Speed limits often vary depending upon the type of terrain the roads cover, the amount of congestion the roads generally contain and the situation of the roads in communities and neighborhoods. While freeways may have speed limits in excess of 65 miles per hour, speed limits near schools and parks may max out at 25 miles per hour.

What treatment options are available for my spinal cord injury?

There are different types of drugs, therapies and experimental procedures that Nevada doctors may utilize to improve the condition of a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury. Since different injuries may respond better to different treatment options it is important that readers consult with their own doctors to determine the best manner in which to remedy their injuries. This post will offer an overview of some of the ways individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries may be treated after their incidents but it is not intended to be used as medical or legal advice.

Depending on where the injury is to a victim's spinal cord, whether the injury is a bruise, incomplete tear of the spinal cord or a complete tear, medical professionals may try different protocols to improve their patient's health. Their first priority will be to stabilize the patient and ensure that they are breathing and maintaining all bodily processes necessary to sustain life. Then they may work toward improving the patient's condition.

Truck accident victims may pursue compensation for their losses

The law firm of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney is committed to representing victims of personal injury accidents in and around Reno, Nevada. The attorneys of the firm, in cooperation with the compassionate and professional staff that serves their clients, are available to work with new clients who have suffered serious and life-altering harm at the hands of others.

One area of personal injury law that the firm focuses on is truck accident litigation. While some readers of this blog may assume that truck accident cases are just like other motor vehicle cases, their assumptions may be inaccurate. Truck accidents and the legal issues that surround them can be drastically more complex than vehicle accidents between private parties.

What is tetraplegia?

An injury to a person's spinal cord can be a life-changing event. Depending upon where the injury occurs along the person's spinal cord and the severity of the injury the extent of their associated symptoms can vary greatly. This post will address one of the most serious consequences of a spinal cord injury - tetraplegia - and how it may permanently affect the life of a Reno resident.

There are many vertebrae in a person's spinal cord, divided between those in the cervical spine (upper spine of the neck), thoracic spine (middle spine of the torso), lumbar spine (lower spine of the torso) and sacral spine (from the pelvis and lower). Generally speaking, the higher on the spine that a victim suffers an injury, the more of the victim's body that will likely be impacted by the damage their spine endured.

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