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Another wrong way auto accident kills one, injures another

A wrong way crash on Interstate 80 left one person dead and another person seriously injured and having to be flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Sadly, this is not the first time this blog has reported on a recent wrong way accident in the Reno area.

Police say that they received reports of someone driving the wrong way on the interstate a few minutes before the crash occurred. They were not able to respond in time to prevent what some might have seen as inevitable car accident. The driver eventually struck another motorist who was traveling with the flow of traffic head on

How many lives do helmets really save in motorcycle accidents?

There is no denying that wearing a proper helmet is a smart idea when riding a motorcycle. The statistics confirm that, to no small extent, they can save a rider's life should that rider be involved in a motorcycle accident.

As of 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that when a rider wearing a helmet is involved in an accident, his or her chances of dying go down by more than one-third, that is, by 37 percent. It is estimated that helmets prevented over 1,800 fatalities in 2016. The CDC reports that in 2016 if all bikers wore helmets, approximately 802 fatalities could have been prevented. On a related point, a helmet reduced the chance of a traumatic brain injury by almost 70 percent.

Drugged driving is a growing concern on Nevada roads

While drunk driving has been getting the attention of law enforcement and the press for years, it may perhaps be time to turn equal attention to the problem with drugged driving. Driving under the influence of a controlled substance or even one's own validly prescribed prescription medication can be just as dangerous as driving after having one too many drinks.

Many drugs can affect a person's ability to think fast and physically respond to a sudden change, both skills that are essential while on the road. In short, those who choose to ingest drugs or certain types of medication and then drive are putting others on Nevada's roads of being injured in a serious car crash that is, in reality, just preventable as a drunk driving accident.

We can represent victims of state-vehicle truck accidents

As a previous post on this blog discussed, oftentimes state governments or legal subdivisions of those governments operate large trucks and other big commercial vehicles. As much as residents of Reno, Nevada, would prefer to think otherwise, the drivers of these vehicles aren't perfect. Like any other driver of a large commercial vehicle, they can cause a serious motor vehicle accident. In these sorts of situations, it is only fair that victims receive compensation.

However, there are extra hoops an injured person has to jump through in order to successfully sue a government entity. Moreover, there may be other important legal limitations and restrictions that apply to these sorts of cases as well.

Reno-area accident involving firetruck raises legal questions

A recent accident in Washoe County left a motorist critically injured. The accident involved a firetruck operated by the Truckee Meadows Fire Department. In the course of the collision, four firefighters also suffered minor injuries. The firefighters were, however, taken to the hospital after the accident.

According to reports, the firefighters were on their way to a reported medical emergency when they collided with a Toyota Prius, a much smaller private passenger vehicle. There were no further details about the accident, although one can assume that further investigation will take place in the upcoming days and weeks.

A serious spinal cord injury is not always immediately apparent

Many people in the Reno area probably know that a spinal cord injury is a serious affair that can cause paralysis and other debilitating conditions that can last for the rest of the victim's life. What some might not realize, however, is that the onset of the most serious symptoms of a spinal cord injury is not always immediate. As such, there may be some misunderstanding that if a person seems fine right after an accident, then there is no cause to be concerned about spinal cord injuries.

The reality is that paralysis and other symptoms can and often set in gradually after an accident. This is because it sometimes takes time for conditions like bleeding and swelling to develop enough to actually interfere with nerve signals from the spine, and thus, create the tell-tale numbness or paralysis of a spinal cord injury.

Who are distracted drivers texting with?

Some people in Nevada and across the nation may say that they are willing to text and drive in order to be available to their bosses at work. However, a recent report from TrueMotion suggests that the biggest temptation for owners of cellphones and other technology is not related to their careers.

This same study, which also concluded that texting and driving and other distracted behaviors are more common in the summer, concluded that most of the time, people who choose to communicate and drive are communicated with a family member or a close friend.

Report: Summer is the worst time for distracted driving

Summer in the mountains around Reno are beautiful, and their beauty draws people from around Nevada and the rest of the country to them.

While this generally is a good thing for Reno economy, if the results of a recent study are correct, drivers in this area need to be particularly aware of the possibility that distracted drivers are on the road in increased numbers, putting the travelers around them on the road at great risk for serious car accidents.

FDA Announces Recall of Drugs Containing Valsartan

On July 13, 2018 the FDA announced a voluntary recall of several medicines containing valsartan, used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. The recall is due to an impurity, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which is classified as a probable human carcinogen. 

One killed in Reno motorcycle accident

A young man who was riding a motorcycle died as the result of a possible failure to yield at a Reno intersection. Authorities are, however, still investigating the precise cause of the crash and have even asked the public for information.

The accident happened in the evening hours on a recent weeknight on two city streets. The motorcyclist and the driver of a private passenger vehicle hit each other. The motorcyclist was initially taken to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries a short time after the accident. His name may be released after authorities notify the next of kin.

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