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What are common causes of truck accidents?

With the winter holidays just around the corner, purchasing gifts will be on the tops of every Nevadans' list. Because on-line shopping platforms are often utilized, this means that shipments and deliveries are completed via commercial trucks. While these large vehicles are very beneficial to intrastate and interstate commerce, they also create many risks on the roadways. Whether it is a fatigued driver, speeding or distractions, a truck accident could have devastating effects.

What are common causes of truck accidents? While passenger vehicles can be the cause of truck crashes, this post will focus on the acts of truck drivers that result in a truck crash. The main causes can be boiled down to three causes.

Treatment plans for a spinal cord injury

When accidents occur in Nevada, serious injuries could result. There are few injuries more serious than a spinal cord injury, and when an accident victim suffers such tragic harm, there is nothing that can be done, the reverse or undo the harm caused.

Broken bones, lacerations or contusions are all injuries an accident victim will likely face. But, injuries to the spinal cord results in a victim living with these damages for the rest of their lives because there is no known way to reverse these damages. Nonetheless, there are treatment plans that can help reduce the impact of these injuries.

Drunk driving accidents and settling with insurance company

Despite the ongoing efforts to reduce drunk driving, motorists in Nevada and elsewhere still decide to get behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol. Wen a driver is over the legal limit, he or she presents grave risks to other travelers on the roadways. This could result in a serious and even fatal car accident.

During the investigation phase following a motor vehicle crash, authorities seek to determine the cause of the crash. In matters where evidence such as a breathalyzer test reveals that a driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, it could quickly become clear that the drunk driver was at fault.

Helping you secure compensation following a spinal cord injury

While accidents happen all around us on a daily basis, many do not believe that they will be the one to fall victim to a serious accident. Unfortunately, a life-altering accident could suddenly occur, whether a person is traveling on the roadways, walking in a parking lot, at work, at a medical facility, or even at home. A spinal cord injury is considered to be one of the most serious injuries an accident victim can suffer, and when individuals in Nevada and elsewhere suffer such an injury, it is important that they understand what legal recourses they have against the negligent party or parties harmed them.

Although many individuals believe that suffering a spinal cord injury often means that a victim's life as they knew it is over, this isn't necessarily the case. Though the process can be an overwhelming and emotional, especially when the trauma suffered has left a victim a paraplegic or quadriplegic, extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation can allow spinal cord injury victims start a new chapter in life. The attorneys at Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney are sensitive to this and are prepared to help guide clients through these complex matters.

A look at rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury

It's a tragic reality that many car accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries. Amongst these injuries are those that affect the spinal cord. Spinal cord injury sufferers often have their lives turned upside down because they are usually left with some sort of permanent disability. This disability generally involves some sort of paralysis, which can place profound limitations on an individual's ability to carry on day-to-day. Fortunately, though, there is life after a spinal cord injury, and many victims find that they can still live full, happy lives.

While one challenge faced by spinal cord injury victims is paying off extensive medical expenses that arise from the initial care of their injury, rehabilitation costs can also be quite extensive. Whereas medical treatment seeks to stabilize the spinal cord, rehabilitation focuses on preventing complications related to the injury from arising. This may involve rebuilding control over bladder and bowel functions, as well as increasing flexibility and building strength and endurance to maximize mobility.

Drunk driving accidents: how alcohol affects driving ability

Despite valiant efforts by local law enforcement and nonprofit organizations, drunk driving remains a problem in the Reno area. It practically goes without saying that these intoxicated motorists pose a serious risk to other drivers. When a drunk driver causes an accident, the results are usually tragic. Victims can be left with catastrophic injuries, disability, and death. Victims of drunk driving accidents, as well as surviving family members of those killed in these wrecks, should carefully consider whether legal action is in their best interests.

Although drunk driving may establish negligence in a personal injury lawsuit, the focus should really be on how the intoxication affected one's driving ability and, therefore, caused the accident in question. Alcohol can affect an individual's driving ability in a number of ways. To start, alcohol diminishes an individual's reaction time, meaning that he or she is slower to respond to changing circumstances. Also, one's ability to appropriately track their own vehicle and others an be impacted, thereby causing that driver to inaccurately gauge their own position as well as the position of others.

How vicarious liability pertains to truck accident cases

A truck accident can leave a victim with serious injuries. Broken bones, torn ligaments, and extensive cuts and bruises are common, but so, too, are more serious injuries such as those pertaining to the brain and spinal cord. While the physical recovery from these injuries is nothing short of overwhelming, the financial damages can be insurmountable. That is, unless a victim is able to successfully pursue a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent trucker who caused the accident that left him or her harmed.

Yet, even successful claims against a trucker in his individual capacity may be insufficient for a victim who is looking to recover compensation for the full extent of his or her damages. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to reach the deeper pockets of negligent truckers' employers through a vicarious liability clam.

The different types of car accident damages to help victims

Injury damages are available to help injured car accident victims get back on their feet after they have been harmed in a car accident. Car accident damages can help victims recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages suffered because of the negligent actions of a driver.

The different types of car accident damages that may be available to injured victims can help them with their damages suffered and as they work to move forward following an unexpected car accident. Victims may find it stressful to be unable to work because of their injuries suffered in the car accident while their medical bills begin to accumulate. A personal injury claim for damages can help them with the damages related to their medical care and treatment including compensation for medical expenses and future medical care treatment that is needed.

Wrong way driver crashes into trooper on I-80

A 19-year-old driver is in the Washoe County Jail after causing an early morning crash on I-80 in Sparks, Nevada. Driving a 1966 Chevrolet pickup, the male driver entered I-80 westbound travelling in the wrong direction around 2:00 a.m. on Friday, September 13. He was driving directly into oncoming traffic in the fast lane.

Close to Rock Boulevard, the driver struck a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, and then kept on going. He then struck a commercial truck near the Pyramid Way off-ramp, yet still continued travelling in the wrong direction. He came to an eventual stop in the median to the east of Pyramid. The trooper was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the big rig was unharmed.

Five common causes of truck accidents

Some of the worst accidents seen on our roadways today are caused by commercial trucks, commonly known as 18-wheelers. Due to the sheer size of these vehicles, truck accidents often result in severe injuries or death for occupants of smaller vehicles involved. It is important to understand some of the most common causes of these tragic accidents.

Truck driver fatigue is number one on the list. While measures have now been put into place that require drivers to take a mandatory break, there are still those who do not get enough quality sleep to ensure proper focus and coordination. This leads to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Second, alcohol and drug use is sometimes found to be a factor in truck accidents. However, this does not always mean the substance was illegal. Oftentimes, prescription drugs have unexpected effects on drivers and may impair judgment or reaction times. Third, poor maintenance or driver training can become a factor.

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