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Legal marijuana use no excuse for drugged driving

Like a growing minority of other states, Nevada allows its residents to use marijuana legally, even without a medical need, under certain circumstances. This law has been on the books since 2017 following a ballot measure. Obviously, this law was not intended to be a license for Nevada motorists to engage in drugged driving. Most people recognize that such behavior is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Some studies suggest, however, that the mere liberalization of state laws about marijuana use can lead to an increase in drugged driving accidents. The studies surveyed a number of states that have legalized the drug and then compared them to other states where recreational marijuana use remains prohibited. The results were that collision-related insurance claims increased in those states that had legalized the drug.

More on bad faith claims in Nevada

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, victims of accidents who feel that an insurance company is acting unfairly when processing a claim, or who feels that the company is intentionally stalling in order to force a favorable settlement, may be able to raise a claim of bad faith against the insurance company.

Although they might both be thought of as bad faith claims in common parlance, Nevada actually offers two distinct options for hold insurance companies who behave unreasonably in the process of handling a claim.

Spring is coming, so drivers need to watch out for motorcyclists

The official first day of spring will not arrive for another couple of weeks. Just the same, the weather starts to warm up in the Reno area in March and April, and that means that more motorcyclists in the area will be pulling their bikes out of their garages for a ride.

For drivers of other vehicles, this is a great time for a reminder that, as they travel along Nevada's roads and highways, they need to be on the alert for motorcyclists. If they are not, they can cause serious motorcycle accidents that are relatively likely to leave the motorcyclist seriously injured or even dead.

Most spinal cord injuries end in paralysis

Many people in the Reno area probably realize that permanent paralysis is a common symptom of a spinal cord injury, whether the injury comes from a car accident, a workplace fall or some other incident.

What people might not realize is how likely some degree of paralysis is once one's spinal cord suffers an injury. Only a handful of spinal cord injuries, fewer than 1 in 100, end with a person not experiencing any paralysis at all.

Accident on Highway 50 claims life of Silver Springs man

An accident on U.S. Highway 50 claimed the life of a Silver Springs, Nevada man recently. As many of our readers may know, Silver Springs is about 45 miles from Reno.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating this accident and has asked for witnesses or those who have information about this accident to come forward. Officers indicated that they do think drugs or alcohol may have played a role in this tragic accident.

Why is it so important to give motorcyclist extra space?

It is important for any motorist to give plenty of space to the vehicles behind which they are traveling. In this respect, many drivers observe what often gets referred to as the two-second rule. In other words, when a car is following another car, it is best for the driver of the car behind to arrive at a designated landmark on the road, like a sign, at least two seconds after the preceding car passes it.

When it comes to motorcycles, though, the common wisdom is that a driver should give the motorcyclist some extra space. Specifically, many safety experts recommend giving a motorcyclist up to four seconds of following time.

Some recent statistics about fatal truck accidents

People in the Reno area who take a few moments to look at a truck can probably recognize that, if a trucker gets in to an accident, it is going to be a serious affair. Given that trucks are much larger and heavier than most of the vehicles around them, motorists in private passenger cars can quite easily suffer a fatal injury following a truck accident. This is true whether the collision happens on Nevada's interstates and principal highways and city streets.

According to recent statistics, which date back to 2016, about one-third of all deadly truck crashes can be attributed to what the study refers to as a driver-related factor, that is, some error or omission on the part of the truck driver or other motorist involved in the accident. In all types of fatal crashes, the predominant contributing factor was driving at an excessive speed. However, the second most common driver-related factor varied with whether or not a large commercial vehicle was involved in the accident.

Despite deaths and warnings, distracted driving continues

Many people in Reno, Nevada, have probably heard at least one warning about the obvious dangers of distracted driving. As smartphones and other technology become more and more prevalent, it has become increasingly important to remind motorists that one can simply not safely multi-task. Dialing or searching the internet for instance, while operating a motor vehicle, is dangerous, period.

However, despite all the warnings, it this country's distracted driving problem is only getting worse. According to one study, which observed 12,000 drivers, the incidence of drivers using their phones, that is, without a hands-free device, has increased by about 57 percent between 2014 and 2018.

Reno pedestrian hit by drunk driver dies

A 67-year-old woman local resident has died after she was recently hit by a car. Police arrested the man who hit her and charged him with a serious drunk driving offense.

It is, of course, never acceptable and always dangerous to drive while intoxicated. As our blog has discussed on many previous occasions, alcohol in even moderate quantities can make it very difficult for a driver to exercise the control and judgement necessary to operate a vehicle safely.

What causes truck driver fatigue?

This may seem like a rather obvious question since most Reno, Nevada, residents will assume that lack of sleep is what makes a trucker too fatigued to drive safely. Indeed, as the existence of the previously discussed federal rest rules only reinforce, commercial drivers need to make sure they get enough sleep to be able to do their jobs.

However, drowsiness caused by lack of sleep is in fact only one source of truck driver fatigue. Even when a driver has gotten an adequate amount of sleep, he or she can still experience fatigue simply by working long hours or engaging in difficult labor or even recreation involving physical exertion.

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