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What causes truck driver fatigue?

This may seem like a rather obvious question since most Reno, Nevada, residents will assume that lack of sleep is what makes a trucker too fatigued to drive safely. Indeed, as the existence of the previously discussed federal rest rules only reinforce, commercial drivers need to make sure they get enough sleep to be able to do their jobs.

However, drowsiness caused by lack of sleep is in fact only one source of truck driver fatigue. Even when a driver has gotten an adequate amount of sleep, he or she can still experience fatigue simply by working long hours or engaging in difficult labor or even recreation involving physical exertion.

You deserve justice when injured by a negligent driver

A previous post on this blog talked about how Nevada's legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit remains at .08. But, one of our state's neighbors has lowered the legal limit .05. It is the first state in the country to do so.

We have talked about this on a previous post. First, .08 BAC is not some magic number in which a person instantly goes from sober to drunk. In fact, there is plenty of scientific evidence which suggests that lowering the legal limit to .05 is consistent with the reality of how alcohol affects one's system. By the time he reaches .05 BAC, a person will have noticeable problems doing this things necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Woman suffers broken leg trying to cross street

A woman who was trying to cross the street in the south part of Reno has reportedly suffered a broken leg after a motorist struck her with his vehicle.

The woman was crossing the street in a crosswalk in the early evening hours of a recent weeknight. It was after dark when the motorist drove in to the crosswalk, striking the woman. The driver apparently remained at the scene and explained that he simply did not see the woman crossing the street.

Should Nevada consider lowering the legal limit?

It has been in the news that one of Nevada's neighbors will lower the so-called legal limit with respect to their drunk driving laws. Starting in the next day or two, a person in this state who gets pulled over with .05 blood alcohol content or more will face criminal drunk driving penalties.

In Nevada, the legal limit remains .08, where it has been for quite some time, since the last nationwide movement to lower the limit from .10. However, there have been some signs that this new movement to lower the legal limit further has some traction. Other states have considered the matter, and a federal agency recommends the change.

Nevada's basic speed limit

With the winter months setting in over the mountains of Reno and the rest of Washoe County, motorists in the area need to start thinking about the possibility of snow and ice on the roads, as well as other winter weather like dense fog.

In fact, the area has already had at least some issues with winter weather earlier this month. The weather was bad enough to cause an increase in accidents and force police to respond only to accidents involving bodily injury.

Why is it so hard to calculate the cost of a spinal cord injury?

The attorneys at our Reno, Nevada, law office recognize acutely how important it is to make sure that a victim of a spinal cord injury gets compensation for all of his losses and expenses.

Not getting full compensation for spinal cord injuries can, after all, mean that a victim years or even decades down the road finds herself in a big financial pinch because of paralysis or a related condition that she did not cause. This is one reason why going with a less experienced personal injury lawyer, or one who is a little too quick to settle cases, can ultimately leave a victim in a lurch.

Rules about impaired truckers are strict

As Reno residents can probably guess, handling a truck or other large commercial vehicle is a tough task. This is why commercial drivers have to get a special license that entails extra training and other legal hoops that those who are just driving ordinary passenger cars do not usually have to worry about.

Getting a commercial license also means that commercial drivers are subject to special rules that other drivers do not have to worry about.

Reno area accident kills three; police suspect impairment

A severe accident in the Reno area left three people dead and at least one person seriously injured. Police are now reporting that drugs or alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

The accident actually involved two separate collisions that happened a few minutes apart from each other. The road on which this accident happened was a two-lane highway. Apparently, two vehicles, a Toyota and a Mercury, were traveling in opposite directions. They came too close to each other as they crossed paths and collided.

Hit-and-run accidents problem in Nevada

While it is still true that driving in a car is much safer now than it was decades ago, the high-water mark for automobile safety, at least in terms of the frequency of traffic deaths, was actually four years ago, back in 2014.

Since that time, several factors have been pulling the number of fatal car accidents, or at least the overall number of fatalities, up. One of these facts seems to be an epidemic in the number of deadly hit-and-run accidents.

We represent victims of other catastrophic injuries too

This blog has previously discussed how our law firm offers advice and representation to victims of spinal cord injuries. Whether these people suffer paralysis or, luckily, are still somewhat mobile, they will no doubt face a number of different profound challenges in their lives.

It is imperative that they get the financial compensation they need in order to pay for these costs and be able to heal fully. We see it as our job to make sure, insofar as possible, that our client gets all of the compensation to which he is legally entitled after a spinal cord injury.

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