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Five common causes of truck accidents

Some of the worst accidents seen on our roadways today are caused by commercial trucks, commonly known as 18-wheelers. Due to the sheer size of these vehicles, truck accidents often result in severe injuries or death for occupants of smaller vehicles involved. It is important to understand some of the most common causes of these tragic accidents.

Truck driver fatigue is number one on the list. While measures have now been put into place that require drivers to take a mandatory break, there are still those who do not get enough quality sleep to ensure proper focus and coordination. This leads to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Second, alcohol and drug use is sometimes found to be a factor in truck accidents. However, this does not always mean the substance was illegal. Oftentimes, prescription drugs have unexpected effects on drivers and may impair judgment or reaction times. Third, poor maintenance or driver training can become a factor.

Nevada lane splitting laws and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often serious, and rarely result in minor scrapes and bruises. Oftentimes, riders involved in a crash suffer significant, critical injuries that bring with them steep hospital and medical bills. This being the case, it is not uncommon for drivers involved in a motorcycle accident to end up in a courtroom litigating damages. But first, the state must determine who was at fault.

When investigating and reconstructing a motorcycle accident, Nevada courts will utilize a formula to determine not only who was ultimately at fault, but also a percentage to which each was at fault. This is known as a "modified comparative negligence" standard. It will be quite impactful on how much an injured motorcyclist will be able to recover in damages.

Multiple dead, seriously injured in tractor trailer accident

A head-on collision between a tractor-trailer ore truck and a bus carrying gold mine workers resulted in two fatalities and dozens of serious injuries on August 24th in Carlin, NV. One of the deceased has been identified as the 29-year-old male truck driver, and the other a 62-year-old male bus passenger. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

At approximately 6:35 a.m., the tractor-trailer was travelling South on Nevada 766. Upon going around a curve, it struck a Coach USA mine bus head-on. The bus was either carrying 20 workers to begin their shifts at Nevada Gold Mines, or transporting those who had just completed a shift. In addition to the two fatalities, it was reported that more than 12 others were injured, with at least five in critical condition. The mines and processing facilities are a joint venture between Barrick Gold Corp., Nevada Gold Mines', and Newmont Goldcorp. Corp.

The continuing threat of drunk driving

Drunk driving remains a serious hazard on Nevada roads, but it can be helpful to reflect on how the problem has changed over the years.

Forty years ago, drunk driving was behind 60% of all fatal traffic accidents in the nation. According to the National Institute of Health, motor vehicle accidents were the leading cause of alcohol-related death. More than 66% of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving drivers under age 21 involved alcohol.

Progress and setbacks in spinal cord injury treatments

Scientists believe spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis when they sever a connection between the brain and the rest of the body. These severed connections don't heal the same way other parts of the body heal, and so doctors generally believe these injuries are permanent.

In recent years, researchers have begun wondering if that is always the case. Some paralyzed patients have been able to move their extremities or even walk, with support, after therapy with electrical stimulation.

Pedestrian seriously injured by alleged drunk driver

A pedestrian was seriously injured recently as she was crossing a Reno street after she was struck by a car. Reno police said the driver was drunk at the time of the crash.

Police said the woman suffered life-threatening injuries. Officers arrested the driver on DUI and related charges.

Drunk driving still a serious problem on state roads

For decades, lawmakers, safety advocates and others have tried to decrease drunk driving. Some of their efforts have been focused on education, others on enforcement and stiffer penalties for offenders. And many of these efforts have paid off. However, statistics show drunk drivers remain a serious risk in Nevada.

According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, drunk driving-related fatalities have dropped 48% since 1982. More recently however, researchers have noted an apparent increase.

Moped riders vulnerable in accidents

This blog often discusses the special dangers faced by motorcyclists. Most of the same dangers are faced by moped riders.

Under Nevada law, "moped" refers to any motor-driven scooter, cycle or similar vehicle. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has a number of requirements, but for most purposes the most important elements that make a vehicle a moped and not a motorcycle are that its engine has no more than 50 cubic centimeters, and its maximum speed is no more than 30 mph.

Who is liable when a borrowed car gets in an accident?

In most personal injury lawsuits involving car accidents, the defendant is a driver who owned the car he or she was driving at the time of the accident. If the driver acted negligently, caused an accident and caused injury to another person, the negligent driver can be held liable for the damages suffered by the injured person.

In some motor vehicle accident cases, the issue of liability is more complicated. The negligent driver may be held liable, but another party may be held liable as well. This is sometimes known as vicarious liability.

The costs of spinal cord injuries may be greater than you think

Spinal cord injuries have the potential to be catastrophic. Not only can they result in permanent life-long damage to a person's health, but the costs associated with a spinal cord injury can be staggering.

For example, the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation reports that a person in the United States with high tetraplegia may pay as much as $1 million in medical expenses and care within the first year of being injured. Those with low tetraplegia may pay nearly $770,000 in medical expenses the first year of their injury. Those with paraplegia can expect to pay approximately $518,000 in medical expenses the first year of their injury, and those who suffer an injury that produces incomplete motor function can expect to pay $347,000 in medical expenses during the first year of their injury.

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