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Police still investigating Interstate 80 pileup

Police are still investigating a pileup that happened in the Reno are on Interstate 80 recently. This truck accident involved several vehicles and also involved a truck flipping over on to its side. The truck obstructed one direction of freeway traffic. The truck also lost its load of canned goods and leaked some fuel because of the accident.

According to police, authorities had to intervene to get one person out of a car that had been involved in the accident. Police also said that one victim of the accident had suffered critical injuries and was in danger of dying. The present condition of this person was not disclosed.

If a drunk driver caused a crash, a victim may need legal help

Some Reno, Nevada, residents may think of drunk driving accidents as kind of a "slam dunk" legal case. After all, everyone knows that driving while intoxicated is irresponsible and dangerous, so it should be easy to prove a drunk driver who causes a car accident is negligent and should pay his victims.

Unfortunately, such is not always the case. For instance, even if it is clear that the other driver was drunk and caused the accident, a victim will still have to prove his damages. In other words, the victim will have to gather and document things like medical bills, lost wages and the like. Moreover, she will bear the burden of showing these damages are appropriate.

Tire blowouts on motorcycles happening across country

Motorcyclists in the Reno area and throughout the rest of Nevada will want to be particularly aware of their tires, particularly if they are Goodyear tires.

Over the last several years, there have been several motorcycle accidents caused by sudden blowouts of these tires. Motorcyclists are particularly prone to losing control in the aftermath of a blowout, in part because motorcycles are smaller than cars and only have two wheels on the surface of the road. Once a motorcyclist loses control of his or her bike, a serious or even fatal accident can result.

Bladder problems: long term effects of a spinal cord injury

This blog has discussed the serious medical issues Reno, Nevada, victims of spinal cord injuries face. Even those who manage to keep some mobility will still have a long and expensive road to recovery, as they will have to deal with a host of problems that result from a significant injury to the spine.

For instance, after many spinal cord injuries, a patient will experience incontinence or other bladder problems, including an inability to go to the bathroom at all. These sorts of medical problems with the bladder are often serious matters that, if untreated, can even in some cases lead to potentially fatal medical problems like kidney failure.

Lots of different distractions can cause a serious injury

Reno, Nevada, residents have probably heard about the dangers of texting and driving. Some may have even been involved in car accidents with motorists who were pretty obviously on their phones just seconds before the accident.

In the most serious accidents, this behavior can prove deadly. According to one report, texting and driving was a contributing factor in the death of another person in 14 percent of all fatal accidents connected in some way to distracted driving. It is no wonder that authorities both in Nevada and around the country are beginning to crack down on this irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

Truck jackknife accidents are preventable

For those who are not familiar with the term, a large commercial truck "jackknifes" when the wheels on its trailer move in one direction while the cab of the truck continues to move in another direction, thereby causing the trailer to swing to one side of the road or the other. When a truck jackknifes, the trailer can easily slam into unsuspecting motorists in the vicinity, possibly sweeping them off the road in the process.

A jackknife is the end result of a skid, that is, a situation in which the wheels of a truck simply do not have enough traction on the road for the truck to travel in a straight line. Skids can happen to even the best, most careful truck driver, but there are ways of preventing these common occurrences from turning into jackknifes and, for that matter, serious multi-vehicle accidents.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may need legal help

A previous post here discussed how, in most cases, when a motorcyclist gets hit by another vehicle, the responsibility lies with the driver of the other vehicle. Unfortunately, there is still a common stigma that motorcyclists in Reno, Nevada, who get hurt in an accident may have to just "deal with it." Specifically, many people who don't routinely ride motorcycles, including some police officers and even judges, may have an impression that motorcycle riders have a tendency to be thoughtless or even reckless on the road and, thus, are usually responsible for their own accidents.

While such is clearly not the case, it may be hard for injured motorcyclists to know how to stand up for their rights and make sure that they get to tell their side of the story. This is why many injured motorcyclists in the Reno area have trusted our law office to help them with their personal injury claims after they have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident.

When a car hits a motorcycle, it is often the car driver's fault

With the warmer weather of summer coming soon to the Reno area, there will be more people riding their motorcycles on the city roads and the byways in the surrounding mountains. Other drivers in conventional cars and other motor vehicles have an obligation to be on the lookout for these motorcyclists and avoid hitting them by mistake. After all, a car colliding or even just cutting off a motorcycle can cause serious motorcycle accidents that can leave a Nevada motorcyclist suffering from a permanent disability.

According to a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when a car strikes a motorcycle, it is usually because the driver of the car has interfered with the right-of-way of the motorcyclist. Legally, this means that after a motorcycle crash with a car, the victim should seriously consider whether the driver of the other vehicle is responsible for the accident and, thus, the proper person to pay for things like medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Man arrested weeks after hit and run accident

According to a recent report, a man is facing felony charges on account of his involvement in a hit and run accident in Reno. The accident left a pedestrian dead. Allegedly, the driver who was recently arrested struck the pedestrian with his car and then left the scene of the incident.

Police indicated that even though the man has been charged with a felony related to his leaving the scene of the fatal accident, they also indicated that they did not suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. Police said that when they arrested the man, they discovered some evidence that the man was in fact the person who fatally injured the pedestrian.

A bad faith claim can level the playing field for victims

When someone has been hurt or, for that matter, was expecting their insurance company to cover them if they accidentally hurt someone else, it can seem in some situations that the insurance company has all the power. Because they have to be well-financed in order to conduct their business, it means that insurance companies have a lot of bargaining power. Moreover, it is a simple fact that insurance companies make money by not paying claims or paying as little as possible. As such, it can be tempting, and easy, for an insurer to take advantage of a legitimate victim.

If you feel like that has happened in your insurance claim, legal help with getting the playing field levelled and getting the insurance company to do what they already have a responsibility to do is available to Reno residents. For example, our law office can help people in this situation by reviewing their case and, if appropriate, filing a lawsuit alleging that the insurance company has acted in bad faith, a legal option that can mean additional compensation for a victim and, at a minimum, can get the insurance company to act better.

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