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A victim of a wrong way accident may need legal help

A previous post on this blog talked about the common causes of wrong way accidents on the freeway and other multi-lane highways. While one might think that a wrong way accident is a never event, in that it should never happen, they are more common than one might think.

Inexperience, physical or mental impairments and, especially, drunk or drugged driving are common reasons these accidents occur. No matter the cause, though, one can generally assume that the driver who drove the wrong way will be financially responsible for the accident.

What causes wrong way accidents?

The average Reno, Nevada, driver may wonder how on earth another driver can so turned around on the freeway so as to drive the wrong way. Unfortunately, though, wrong way accident on Interstate 80 and on other major Nevada highways happen more often than one might think.

This is unfortunate since these accidents often happen at high speeds and involve a head-on collision. It is not surprise that many wrong way accidents end with someone dying or suffering a serious and life-altering injury.

What can a worker do after a serious spinal cord injury?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, spinal cord injuries are very serious and will usually mean the victim will have a life time of medical rehabilitation and other forms of pain and suffering.

One of the places where Reno, Nevada residents can easily suffer a spinal-cordn injury is at work. While this is particularly true in inherently dangerous workplaces like industrial factories and construction sites, they can happen anywhere. Even a minor fall at a place like an office can, in some cases, cause a spinal cord injury.

Study: Drivers shouldn't assume built-in devices are safe

A recent study, which was summarized in at least one major media report, has confirmed what many residents of Reno, Nevada, probably already know, which is that distracted driving is a significant hazard for motorists.

The study was conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. According to the results, distracted driving contributes to 390,000 crashes in the United States annually. It is also blamed for 3,500 traffic deaths each year.

Man convicted, sent to prison for fatal drunk driving accident

A drunk driver who killed a couple who had just announced their plans to get married will spend up to 40 years in prison for his role in a deadly accident in the Reno area. The driver refused to plead guilty to the charges against him and instead took his case to a trial, where a jury convicted him. Reports indicate that the man will be able to get out of prison on parole after 14 years, but, of course, he will need to get approved for that privilege.

According to reports, the engaged couple was on their way home after going out for dinner and were passing through an intersection. The drunk driver, who was showing signs that he was under the influence immediately after the accident, ran a red light while traveling almost 90 miles per hour, slamming into the couple's car and flipping it into a ditch that was close to the intersection.

After a fatal motorcycle accident, legal help is available

A previous post on this blog talked about how although motorcycle accidents declined in Nevada between 2016 and 2017, the state still has a problem when it comes to motorcyclists making up a disproportionate number of the total victims of fatal motorcycle accidents. It is unfortunate that motorcyclists in Reno and the other communities of this state seem to have a rough go of it. It is equally unfortunate that, while many of these fatal accidents can be attributed to a negligent driver of another vehicle, motorcyclists still struggle against the common perception that they are unsafe drivers and are usually to blame for an accident.

For this reason, the family attempting to get compensation to help cover their losses after the untimely death of their loved one in a motorcycle accident may have an uphill battle. Knowing this, many families entrust our law office with their wrongful death claims following a tragic motorcycle accident.

Number of deadly motorcycle crashes down in Nevada

According to a recent report, during 2017 motorcyclists in Reno and the rest of Nevada were in slightly less danger of dying in a crash than they were the year before. According to preliminary numbers, 54 people died in connection with motorcycle accidents in this state, which is a decrease of 20 from the 74 people who died in 2016. This was an almost 24 percent decrease in the number of fatalities and exceeded the national decrease of about 5.5 percent.

The news in Nevada is not all bright when it comes to motorcycle accidents, however. For instance, based on 2016 numbers, 22.6 percent of all those who died in motor vehicle accidents in this state were motorcyclists. Compared with all the other states, Nevada ranked highest with respect to this statistic, meaning that this state has a way to go with respect to preventing serious motorcycle crashes.

Drug and alcohol problems among truckers are too common

Reno residents might think that since truck drivers need to go through extra training in order to operate their commercial vehicles safely, they would never think of getting behind the wheel of their big rigs while drunk or on drugs. Unfortunately, drunk and drugged truck driving is still too common on the highways of both Nevada and other states. Among the almost 52,000 drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2016, about 4,150 were operating a large commercial truck at the time. Of those, 84, or a little over 2 out of 100, of these drivers had over .08 blood alcohol content at the time of the accident, making them legally drunk.

These statistics did not account for whether other truck drivers were on illegal drugs or even otherwise legitimate medication that could have interfered with their driving.

Motorcycle accidents and soft tissue injuries

Previous posts here have often discussed how motorcycle accidents in the Reno, Nevada, area can leave a rider suffering for the rest of his or her life with catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries, making it clear that the rider has been seriously and permanently hurt. As such, if another motorist was at fault for the motorcyclist's injuries, it is fairly evident that the other motorist owes compensation to the rider.

While, thankfully, not all motorcycle accidents end with paralysis or brain damage, many motorcyclists suffer other types of serious injuries that may not be so evident to the general public. To the motorcyclist, however, the injury could mean not being able to return to work for a long time, if at all.

Police still investigating Interstate 80 pileup

Police are still investigating a pileup that happened in the Reno are on Interstate 80 recently. This truck accident involved several vehicles and also involved a truck flipping over on to its side. The truck obstructed one direction of freeway traffic. The truck also lost its load of canned goods and leaked some fuel because of the accident.

According to police, authorities had to intervene to get one person out of a car that had been involved in the accident. Police also said that one victim of the accident had suffered critical injuries and was in danger of dying. The present condition of this person was not disclosed.

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