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A bad faith claim can level the playing field for victims

When someone has been hurt or, for that matter, was expecting their insurance company to cover them if they accidentally hurt someone else, it can seem in some situations that the insurance company has all the power. Because they have to be well-financed in order to conduct their business, it means that insurance companies have a lot of bargaining power. Moreover, it is a simple fact that insurance companies make money by not paying claims or paying as little as possible. As such, it can be tempting, and easy, for an insurer to take advantage of a legitimate victim.

If you feel like that has happened in your insurance claim, legal help with getting the playing field levelled and getting the insurance company to do what they already have a responsibility to do is available to Reno residents. For example, our law office can help people in this situation by reviewing their case and, if appropriate, filing a lawsuit alleging that the insurance company has acted in bad faith, a legal option that can mean additional compensation for a victim and, at a minimum, can get the insurance company to act better.

Marijuana use can affect driving, cause accidents

Particularly with the growing tolerance for marijuana use throughout the United States, but especially in western states near Nevada, Reno residents are going to encounter more and more people on the road who have the drug in their system.

Scientifically speaking, there is a clear connection between marijuana use and slower reaction times. A driver's coordination and judgment are also impeded when the driver is under the influence of the drug. In short, as is the case with a drunk driver, a driver under the influence of marijuana is simply not well-equipped to be driving a car or other vehicle, and therefore may cause serious injuries should they choose to do so.

Why federal trucking regulations matter after accidents

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, there are many laws and regulations that many truckers who travel in or through Nevada have to follow. By way of example, some of these laws ban truckers from using cell phones while driving, and others require truckers to pull over and rest for a while after being on the road for a certain number of hours.

While not following these regulations can mean a truck driver or trucking company winds up paying a hefty fine or, in more serious cases, even losing their right to haul property between the states. While federal authorities may impose these penalties on drivers and their employers, however, they will not be able to force them to do the right thing and adequately compensate victims should their violation of federal rules cause truck accidents.

One killed in T-bone accident

A woman died at the scene of a car accident in the Reno area after another vehicle hit her in a "t-bone" fashion as she was attempting to make a left turn. The woman was 73 years old.

According to police who were investigating the accident, the woman had just turned left in an intersection when a car, which was being driven by someone under the age of 18, ran in to the side of the vehicle. Apparently, the other car entered the intersection while the woman was already attempting to make a turn.

No matter the cause, we can take on a spinal cord injury case

A previous post on this blog talked about the most common types of spinal cord injuries. The common theme is that no matter the cause, these sorts of injuries can leave a Reno, Nevada resident unable to walk or, in the worst cases, even move his or her arms.

Dealing with the aftermath of these sorts of injuries is a complicated business on all fronts. For instance, on the legal front, even if it is clear that someone else is at fault and should pay the victim compensation, how much should be paid is often a subject of hot debate and can be hard to calculate.

The most common causes of spinal cord injuries

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, even relatively minor spinal cord injuries have serious and lifelong consequences for their victims. An injury to the spinal cord will generally mean a Reno, Nevada resident will need medical care and therapy, as well as help covering their lost income if they are no longer able to work.

There are many different causes of spinal cord injuries and paralysis. However, the most common cause is vehicle accidents. Among all spine injuries that occur each year, accidents involving cars, motorcycles or other motor vehicles account for over half of them.

Catastrophic injuries result from Reno motorcycle accidents

There is nothing quite like the feeling that one gets when riding their motorcycle. The wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road - it's all very poetic. However, motorcyclists can be affected by a less-than-poetic event if they are involved in a motorcycle accident. Often, other drivers are to blame either partially or completely for the motorcycle accident and the resulting injuries.

There are lots of motorcyclists located in the Reno area, which isn't surprising since the weather is fair enough most of the year to utilize and ride motorcycle. If you or your loved one has been impacted by a motorcycle accident injury, you may or may not be aware of just how severe they can be. Beyond the immediate medical expenses and medical care needed - it can turn a person's life completely upside-down. An inability to work isn't uncommon after suffering injury in a motorcycle accident. Even the health status of permanent disability can set in, causing a person to frame their whole life differently.

Hit-and-run accident leaves pedestrian injured

A serious accident occurred in the eastern part of Reno and has left a man clinging to life. The devastating incident happened at the intersection of Sixth Street and Valley Road in the early hours of the morning. The man was discovered in the roadway with significant injuries to his face and head. He was taken to the hospital and it is reported that he is in critical condition.

What makes this story even more tragic is that the vehicle and driver that allegedly hit the man were not at the scene of the accident when law enforcement and rescue officials arrived. The absence of a driver and vehicle has left police calling the incident a hit-and-run matter and they are currently working to collect video and picture evidence from the time of the accident to use to identify the driver who caused the victim's harm.

What is the difference between a complete and incomplete SCI?

An injury to a person's spinal cord can be a devastating and life-altering experience. While some individuals may eventually recover from their harm and live lives comparable to what they enjoyed prior to sustaining their injuries, others may never recover. Nevada residents who have endured this traumatic form of injury may be aware that there are two general categories of spinal cord injuries, being complete spinal cord injuries and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

A complete spinal cord injury is one in which the victim has no feeling or other sensory experience below the site of their injury. For example, if the victim suffered an injury to their lumbar spine and had complete loss of movement and sensation in their legs, their injury may be considered complete.

What is comparative negligence?

Accidents between vehicles on Nevada roads often occur because of negligence. Negligence is the failure of a person to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. When it comes to driving, reasonable care may involve avoiding driving distractions, following traffic signage and laws, and maintaining one's calm when conditions are challenging.

When two vehicles collide it may be the case that one of the drivers was completely responsible for the accident. For example, if a driver is stopped at a stop sign and the other driver drives directly into the back of the victim's car then the second may be completely at fault for the crash.

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