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Car accident on I-580 off ramp in Reno leaves 1 injured

Many of us in Reno read about car accidents all the time. Because they happen so often, we rarely think twice about them. However, those who have been in a serious car accident know how dramatically they can change your life.

A bad car accident can leave a victim with serious injuries, a mountain of medical bills and unable to return to work. This situation can leave a victim to cope with both financial and emotional challenges all because one driver made a poor decision on the road. Unfortunately, this may be just what one Reno resident is facing now after being involved in crash just over a week ago.

The accident took place on the off-ramp of I-580 in Reno. According to Reno fire officials, a car was hit by a pick-up truck just off the exit ramp. The truck slammed into the car’s passenger side, leaving the passenger trapped in the vehicle.

The man suffered leg injuries in the accident and was taken to a nearby hospital after fire fighters freed him from the wrecked vehicle.

As of right now, it is not clear what caused the accident, and it seems that no one has been charged. Nevada Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate.

Sadly, there is a good chance that the man in this crash is likely suffering from a scenario similar to the one we described above. Although dealing with the financial impact of a serious car accident can be overwhelming, crash victims in Nevada should know that there are ways to seek compensation after an accident.

Regardless of whether a negligent driver was charged by police, a victim can hold a driver accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. A successful personal injury lawsuit can result in compensation that can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages related to the accident. Not only that, but a successful personal injury lawsuit can give a victim peace of mind, knowing that his or her expenses are covered. 

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