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Alcohol contributed to 74 traffic deaths in Nevada in 2012

The Nevada Department of Transportation data shows that in the year 2012 there were 74 people who lost their lives in an accident in which alcohol played a contributing factor. The 2013 year has not yet come to a close, but there have already been 49 alcohol-related traffic deaths in the state.

Even though it appears that this year could end with fewer traffic fatalities related to alcohol than the last, one death is still one too many. Thus, law enforcement agencies across the nation often conduct campaigns that target drunk driving. Nevada is certainly no different than the rest.

As an example, the Henderson Police Department will be working hard to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur in their area just outside of Las Vegas. This particular campaign will span 12 months and include 15 different initiatives.

“I have worked many traffic accidents in my time as a police officer,” said the Henderson Police Chief Patrick Moers, “and know the impact that a drunk driver can have on a family and a community.”

The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety will back the Joining Forces program with $188,000.

Drunk driving isn’t the only type of negligent behavior that can lead to fatal accidents. In the past five years, there have been 50 lives lost in Nevada as a result of distracted driving alone. Beyond these two categories, there are a multitude of other driving behaviors that would be considered negligent in a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: The Henderson Press, “Police announce continuing special driving safety enforcement efforts,” Nov. 26, 2013


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