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Las Vegas man killed in hit-and-run motorcycle accident

It is difficult to imagine the devastating effects of a serious or fatal car accident. That is the reality for family members of a 19-year-old man who died in a fatal crash while riding his motorcycle in Las Vegas. The driver of the other vehicle received a sentence on Dec. 9 for fleeing the scene of the motorcycle accident.

The fatal crash took place on Aug. 1, when a 29-year-old driver made a left turn. The motorcyclist attempted to brake and slid until the Volkswagen struck him. He suffered serious injuries, and was pronounced dead following the accident. The driver of the Volkswagen did not stop and instead fled from the scene of the accident. A witness who had written down the license plate of the Volkswagen assisted officers in locating the offender at his residence.

On Dec. 9, a judge sentenced the accused to six to 15 years in prison for leaving the scene of a hit-and-run accident, which is a felony offense. Although the accident is tragic for all parties, it is a reminder of the dangers that negligent drivers can bring to motorcyclists. According to Erin Breen, the director of Safe Community Partnership at the University of Nevada, an overwhelming 38 motorcyclists have died on Nevada roadways so far this year, which is up from 25 deaths in 2012.

Negligent driving may result in catastrophic injuries, especially when motorcyclists are involved. If victims are fortunate enough to live through motorcycle accidents, the results are often broken bones, neck injury, spinal cord injury and brain injury leading to years of rehabilitation or permanent disability.

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