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Winter storm makes for dangerous conditions on Reno roads

Anyone who drove to work this morning in Reno or even looked out their window knows that we have been hit by a blustery winter storm. By 9:20 this morning, several accidents had already occurred near North McCarran Boulevard.

With a winter weather advisory in effect until 4:00 this afternoon, anyone driving home from work could be affected by slippery conditions. As many people in the Reno area know, winter weather can lead to serious hazards.


When it comes to winter weather, many people think that car accidents are unavoidable. When the roads get slick, how can you prevent a crash? The answer is that driving in a manner that is safe for the conditions at hand can go a long way toward preventing serious accidents.

Simple things like driving slowly, turning your headlights on, and leaving a little extra time for normal maneuvers like making a turn or crossing an intersection through traffic can help keep you and others out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, not everyone does their part to keep the roads safe.

Even in wintry weather, people still try to make it through an intersection after the light has turned yellow or whip around a corner without bothering to check for pedestrians — who may be difficult to see when it’s dark and snowy.

During winter weather like we have today, many people could end up being involved in an accident. Those who are should make sure to record exactly what happened. Sometimes the weather is not the only thing to blame.

Source: Reno Gazette Journal, “Follow our live, continuous coverage of the storm in Reno-Sparks,” Dec. 3, 2013


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