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Wrong-way crash injures 1 near Boomtown

A head-on collision is one of the most terrifying types of auto accidents a motorist can experience. Even when two vehicles are travelling at a relatively low speed, the damage caused by a head-on crash can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, wrong-way accidents are a dangerous reality on Nevada roadways, and motorists who have been injured because of a wrong-way driver’s negligence should be aware of the available legal options for covering the costs resulting from the crash.

Recently, two vehicles collided head-on near Boomtown. The crash happened the night of Dec. 29 in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80, and one person was taken by ambulance to a hospital. A news report doesn’t indicate which driver was injured, and the exact cause of the crash was not reported.

Even when an accident was clearly the fault of a wrong-way driver, it is still very important to gather the proper evidence to prove liability. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to reduce payouts to injured motorists, and sometimes insurers will try to shift blame for an accident onto an innocent victim. Nevada drivers should keep in mind that insurance companies are often more concerned with profits than with the well-being of someone injured because of another driver’s negligent or reckless actions.

Wrong-way collisions can be especially injurious and disorienting, but it is nonetheless important to begin gathering evidence as soon as possible after the crash. A personal injury attorney can work to obtain such evidence in order to prove liability and maximize recoverable compensation.

Source: News 4, “Head-On collision on I-80 near Boomtown,” Dec. 29, 2013


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