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In 1 morning, ice a factor in 26 car crashes in Reno area

Icy roads have been cited as a contributing factor for a heavy concentration of car accidents in the Truckee Meadows. On Feb. 3, 26 motor vehicle accidents occurred that morning alone, with four individuals hospitalized as a result.

Officials have used local news outlets to urge drivers to slow down and exercise caution when traveling on roadways during dangerous winter conditions. However, Reno drivers should be aware that Nevada law also requires that drivers use reasonable and proper speed on the roadways during inclement weather.

Driving at a reasonable and proper speed does not always mean simply following the posted speed limits. Rather, drivers are legally obliged to take into account slowed traffic, road construction and the conditions of the road, including the presence of ice, fog, sleet, rain or snow.

Driving at the posted speed limit may in fact be a violation of the law if a driver has not adjusted his or her driving speed for dangerous conditions.

When a collision occurs, drivers who fail to operate their motor vehicle at a reasonable and proper speed in dangerous weather conditions may be liable to victims because of driver negligence. Victims may have legal options for obtaining compensation in the aftermath of such a crash. An attorney with experience in personal injury law can help victims determine the best course of action given the specific circumstances of the case.

It’s no secret that winter weather conditions make driving more dangerous. But implementing safety precautions such as slowing down, wearing a seatbelt and allowing more distance for braking can help prevent serious auto accidents.

Source: 2News, “Dozens of Accidents Caused by Icy Roads,” Paul Nelson, Feb 3, 2014


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