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Nevada Highway Patrol: Drivers still using phones behind wheel

Nevada drivers probably know that they’re not supposed to have their phones in their hands while they are driving. After all, the practice is prohibited under state law, and drivers can be fined if police officers catch them doing it. Still, studies show that the use of cell phones while driving continues to increase. The Nevada Highway Patrol has said that drivers using cell phones is so pervasive that distracted driving will soon eclipse intoxicated driving as the top cause of traffic fatalities.

The Nevada Highway Patrol says it has issued more than 3,700 tickets for texting and driving or other prohibited cell phone use this year. That represents a 67 increase from last year. Fines are $50 for first-time offenders, but go up to $250 for a third offense.

Still, the Highway Patrol says drivers don’t seem to be getting the message. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, about 26 percent of car accidents involve cell phones. According to the National Safety Council, about 21 percent of cell phone-related accidents involve drivers talking on their phones, while another five percent involve drivers using their phones for text.

Nevada law provides that when people are injured as a result of driver negligence, the injured may file a personal injury lawsuit and could receive compensation for the damages. A negligent driver is one who fails to exercise caution that a sensible would under the same circumstances, resulting in injury to someone else. One can show that a driver was negligence by showing that the driver was drunk, speeding or otherwise disregarding traffic safety laws. The fact that a driver was using a cell phone can also be used to show negligence.

A Nevada attorney with experience in personal injury lawsuits can help the injured to understand how the process works. A lawsuit against a negligent driver can help the injured to cope with the aftermath of a terrible accident. It can also hold a careless driver accountable and encourage other drivers to be more careful.

Source: KLAS-TV, “Cell phone use behind the wheel still rampant in Nevada,” Joe Bartels and David Peterlinz, March 27, 2014


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