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Seven hospitalized after multi-vehicle crash near Reno

Nearly all types of traffic accidents on Nevada roadways have the capacity to cause serious injuries, but accidents involving large commercial vehicles have the capacity to cause greater harm to more people than do other crashes on the road. The simple fact is that 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks are bigger and heavier than other vehicles, and therefore when they hit something, they hit it with more force.

Recently, seven people were hospitalized after a serious multi-vehicle accident which police said appeared to have been started when a cement truck ran into a passenger car on U.S. Highway 395 just north of Reno.

Police said the impact of that first collision sent the passenger car into a guardrail. Other vehicles, including a Hummer and a motorcycle, collided with each other in a chain reaction, police said.

Police said a toddler received a head injury in the accident. The other six people received injuries that police said were not life-threatening.

Nevada law provides that those injured in a vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver may be eligible to receive compensation for damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, determining negligence can become more complicated when an accident involves multiple vehicles.

In addition to that legal complication, accidents involving commercial trucks have legal peculiarities of their own. In some cases, the trucking company may be held liable as well as the driver for the accident.

A Nevada attorney with experience in personal injury cases involving truck accidents can help the injured or their families to understand how the law may apply to their unique circumstances. The injuries in a truck accident can be severe and require extremely high medical expenses. A personal injury lawsuit can help the injured and their families to cope with the lingering costs of a terrible accident

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