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2 dead in semi trailer crash on Auto Show Drive

U.S. Highways stretch from coast to coast carrying people and cargo to their destinations. Traffic laws are put in to effect for the safety of everyone on the road. When these laws are broken, however, car accidents can happen that cause serious injury or even death. Such was the case in a deadly Nevada crash last week.

The car accident occurred when a Chevy van was traveling eastbound on Auto Show Drive. A semi traveling northbound on U.S. Highway 95 took the off-bound ramp and collided with the Chevy van head on after running a red light. Both passengers of the Chevy were killed. A Jeep was also involved in the accident when it slammed into the side of the semi trailer. Both the driver of the Jeep and the driver of the semi were treated for injuries at a nearby hospital.

It is important to note that the details of the crash are still under investigation. However, should the driver of the semi trailer be found negligent for his actions on the road, it would be possible for the affected parties to seek compensation. Compensation could cover the costs of medical expenses or other costs associated with the deaths due to the negligent driver. Although this will not bring back the loved ones lost, compensation can ease some of the financial burden.

Tragedy struck Nevada last week on Hwy 95 when two people were killed in a head-on collision. The recent Nevada accident is a sobering reminder of the possible danger presented on roadways today. Heeding the rules of the road can help to prevent car accidents such as this from ever occurring. Traffic safety should always be a driver’s number one priority.

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