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4 dead in car accident in Nevada, 2 others seriously injured

Today more than ever, roadways are a bustle of activity. Because of the business, care needs to be taken when driving as a negligent driver could be just around the corner. Every day, people are involved in car accidents resulting in serious injury from negligent drivers. Such an accident happened last week between two cars in Nevada.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol, a Focus and an Explorer were traveling towards each other on Lamoille Highway when one attempted a left hand turn. This is when the collision occurred. The Focus struck the Explorer on the right side, causing it to roll. The driver of the Explorer and one passenger sustained serious injuries while two other passengers were killed. The driver and passenger of the Focus both died at the scene.

NHP troopers stated that alcohol was found in the Focus which could have contributed to the accident. An investigation is ongoing and toxicology reports will determine if the driver was over the legal blood alcohol limit at the time of the accident.

In the case any car accident, negligent parties should be identified so that those damaged by the incident can possibly relieve compensation for their injuries. Through the assistance of an experienced attorney, one can be more confident that all elements of an accident were properly examined, leading to a just outcome. This car accident, the most deadly in the area since 2008, should serve as a reminder that roadway safety should be all drivers’ number one priority.

Source: elkodaily.com, “Crash on Lamoille Highway kills four, injures two,” Elaine Bassier, May 28, 2014


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