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Car driving illegally on shoulder caused Nevada’s I-15 wreck

When traffic on the freeway slows, it can be frustrating for the drivers who need to be somewhere at a certain time. Most of the time, traffic jams cannot be avoided and drivers must wait it out until traffic begins to move again. Recently, a driver on Nevada’s I-15 had little to no patience, or so it seemed to Highway Patrol. The driver of a Toyota Camry caused a nine car accident that killed the passenger of the Camry.

After investigating, the Nevada Highway Patrol believes that the accident was caused by the Camry driving illegally on the shoulder of the I-15 when traffic slowed as a result of a different car accident. As the Camry sped up, going faster than the cars in the legal lanes, he did not see the Freeway Service Patrol van parked on the shoulder until it was too late. He swerved, striking a Hummer H2, which then caused the Camry to flip over and land on the roof, screeching across the pavement until it stopped. The accident caused a chain reaction with seven other cars besides the Hummer and Camry, and left the passenger of the Camry with serious injuries that ultimately caused her death.

Highway Patrol believe the reason the Camry was driving on the shoulder was not due to an emergency situation but because of the driver’s “impatience” with the slowing traffic. A trooper reported that the driver could face reckless driving charges for the accident and for the death of the woman.

Reckless driving is defined as driving in a manner that is unsafe, totally disregarding a possible car accident.

The Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash. This is undoubtedly a tough time for the family of the woman killed in the accident. The driver is currently admitted at the University Medical Center for his serious injuries suffered in the crash. If he makes a full recovery, he will likely be subject to charges related to the accident and to civil liability for the damages that he cause to others.

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