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Man killed after collision between semi and pickup

When driving at night, it is crucial for drivers to pay extra attention to their vehicle and other vehicles around them. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and at night it can be more difficult to see one coming. Such was the case for a Clark County man last week. He was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, when his car was sandwiched in a multi-vehicle truck accident that claimed his life.

The collision happened around midnight on I-30. The Chrysler that the Clark Country man was driving was in the right lane heading eastbound. In the left lane was an eighteen wheeler who had slowed for upcoming traffic. As the semi-trailer did this he was rear-ended by a 2005 Ford. This collision caused the Chrysler to smash into the eighteen-wheeler, only to be followed by a Chevy truck. This sandwiched the Chrysler between the semi and the Chevy which claimed the life of the man in the Chrysler. Three others involved in the accident were treated for unknown injuries.

As complicated as this accident sounds, it did not take long to unfold. There will be a thorough investigation into this multi-vehicle accident to ensure that police did not miss any evidence or testimony that could be useful to the affected parties. It is not yet clear what caused the Ford to rear-end the semi-truck. Certainly friends and family closest to the Clark County man will inspect this detail of the accident to help discover who was at fault.

Instances like the death of this Clark County man are a reminder of how dangerous the roadways can be. When traveling at high speeds, fatal accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Awareness on the road could be the difference between life and death. For the man killed in this accident, there may have been nothing he could have done to prevent his death. An investigation will likely reveal whether the negligence of other was the cause.

Source: Picayune-Times, “1 killed, 3 injured in I-30 crash,” July 10, 2014


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