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Driver believed impaired at time of rollover crash in Nevada

The terrifying thing about impaired drivers is that they could be anywhere at any time. Even if people are the safest driver on the road and aware of their surroundings, they can still become involved in a drunk driving accident. These accidents sometimes cause serious injuries to the sober driver involved in the accident. An event like this happened last week on Nevada’s Jones Boulevard where a man was rushed to the hospital after a car crash involving a suspected drunk driver.

The victim was cruising right along in his Chevrolet, heading southbound on Jones Boulevard, when the crash occurred. The suspected impaired driver came up behind the Chevrolet in his Subaru and while straddling the middle lane, struck the Chevy from behind. This caused the Chevrolet to rollover near the intersection of Jones Blvd and Hacienda Avenue. Witnesses claim the Subaru did not slow down before it struck the Chevy.

The driver of the Chevy is listed in critical condition and the driver of the Subaru is reported as awaiting prosecution under suspicion of impaired driving. It’s possible that the driver could face charges for felony DUI since bodily harm resulted from the accident.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime that can have horrendous consequences, like the serious injuries sustained to the driver of the Chevrolet. Exercising extreme care while driving will help to avoid accidents such as this from happening. It is never wise to get behind the wheel if intoxicated. There are several consequences that can stem from driving while intoxicated.

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