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Truck accidents in Nevada more complicated to prosecute

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck like an 18-wheeler? You may have access to monetary compensation based on your injuries and accident-related expenses. Injuries inflicted due to accidents with semi-trucks are often more serious than those suffered in regular motor vehicle accidents. It is important to assess your injuries to determine if compensation should be sought.

Eighteen wheeler accidents present unique issues not associated with motor vehicle accidents. These differences include:

  • Greater likelihood of serious injuries or deaths
  • Insurance coverage
  • Licensing compliance and regulatory compliance
  • Negligent hiring and supervision claims
  • Negligent maintenance claims

These differences can change the legal landscape of your claim. The majority of it is based on trucking regulation as governed under Nevada and federal law. Any regulation that was not adhered to by the trucking company, as related to the accident, can mean additional compensation for your injuries.

Many truck accidents occur between regular citizens driving motor vehicles and semi-trucks. Such trucks are typically owned by a trucking company, not privately owned like other vehicles on the road. There can be a whole slew of litigation connected to truck accidents that are not applicable in regular car accidents. It is important to understand the difference if involved in an accident with a semi-truck.

It is important to consult with an expert if you believe you have a claim against a trucking company. Serious injuries can hold lifelong consequences for victims of truck accidents. Any compensation owed to a person who suffers from injuries related to truck accidents will be sought after by the experienced professionals at BRADLEY DRENDEL & JEANNEY. Trust us to gather information and settle your claim for injuries that you may have suffered in a trucking accident.


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