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Nevada car accidents attributed to distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a hot topic recently in Nevada and national news media. Everyone is talking about how dangerous it is to be texting and driving. This is because using a cell phone while behind the wheel can lead to inattentive and dangerous driving. Such inattention has been linked to negligent driving resulting in serious injuries to themselves or others.

However, distracted driving means much more than simply talking or texting on a cell phone. Anything that could take person’s eyes or mind away from the road can be distracted driving. Aside from using a cell phone, fiddling with the radio or even eating and drinking can cause distractions. These distractions imperil both the driver and anyone else on the road. These distractions have been the focus of much research and public attention.

The National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration concluded from research that drivers between ages 20 and 29 cause 27 percent of fatal crashes connected with distracted driving. This fatality rate shows how severe the consequences of distracted driving can be. In this respect, a crash can happen quite quickly when someone is distracted behind the wheel. Researchers published a study that suggested that in the five seconds that eyes are off the road while a person is texting (at 55 mph) that driver’s car can travel 100 yards. This is reason enough to believe that texting and driving is a very dangerous activity that endangers the lives of everyone on the road.

As hand held digital devices become more common, it is becoming more crucial to stress the importance of staying attentive while driving. This helps to prevent serious injuries from occurring due to distracted drivers. Many drivers become the victims of distracted driving incidents every year. It is important that all drivers recognize the importance of paying attention to the road and the road alone.

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