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Semi-truck driver cited for speed in Storey County crash

When traffic is heavy and congested, it is more important than ever that drivers pay attention to their surroundings on the road. Traffic can make a normally safe stretch of road dangerous with the addition of many drivers in a small stretch of area. Those obeying traffic regulations and safety precautions can fall victim to accidents with drivers who aren’t as cautious. Such an accident occurred on Nevada’s I-80, and it led to a multi-vehicle crash that included a semi-truck.

This truck accident occurred on a stretch of I-80 just before six in the morning. According to reports, traffic slowed, and a Chevrolet truck was speeding and unable to stop in time. This led to a chain reaction, with the Chevy slamming into a Toyota. The Toyota then was involved in an accident with a semi-trailer and a Volkswagen. All passengers did sustain bodily injuries, but luckily the injuries were non-life threatening.

According to police reports, the driver of the Chevrolet pickup truck was cited for Failure to Use Due Care. The driver of the semi-truck was cited for Speed too Fast for Roadway/Traffic Congestion. These are charges affiliated with negligence. A driver is negligent if their inattention on the road causes an accident. The semi-truck driver or the driver of the Chevrolet may have lawsuits filed against them due to the harm caused both to other people and their property.

Due to the high-speed nature of freeways, multi-car accidents are common. The accident may have very well been avoided if drivers had been utilizing appropriate driving methods for the road conditions. Road conditions vary and can change quickly due to weather, traffic or other factors. All drivers should practice care and make themselves aware to these changing conditions when they get behind the wheel.

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