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Twenty Clark County car accident related deaths in 13 days, why?

Statistically, car accidents tend to increase from the norm during holiday times. This is due to a variety of reasons. But what could possibly explain the 20 Clark County traffic-related deaths in a 13-day span? This number is outrageous at almost two fatalities per day. Nevada Highway Patrol, the Las Vegas Sun, residents, and other local authorities want to know why.

The traffic-related deaths vary in circumstance. Where they are similar is that the fatalities all occurred in Clark County between November 5 and November 17. Some were pedestrians, bikers, or even died due to negligence or reckless driving of the other driver. Some suspects at the scenes have yet to be apprehended and cases for hit-and-run have been filed.

Authorities are speculating as to why the sudden spike in car accident related deaths in Clark County. First, they believe it could be due to the loss of daylight, which leads to less visibility while driving. There is also speculation that because the weather is cooler, more people are walking outside with darker winter-colored clothing. The highway patrol also believes that more traffic is on the roads for the holidays, and drivers may be distracted due to the stress of the holidays.

While these reasons for the fatalities may be legitimate, these deaths seem to have been preventable in some way or another. The winter season is a time when drivers need to take even more caution on the roads. This is true of all drivers, pedestrians and bikers. The actions of one can affect the lives of others forever if a driver makes one wrong move.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Twenty people died in Clark County traffic accidents in 13 days, why?” Jackie Valley, Dec. 8, 2014


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