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Nevada Attorney General: beware of staged car accidents

While most drivers are extremely cautious and responsible on the road today, others cause mayhem. In a recent press release, Nevada’s Attorney General warned drivers of the documented increase in staged car accidents. Staged car accidents you ask? These are car accidents that occur intentionally. These car accidents often are devised with the intention of sticking the innocent driver (or insurance company) with the blame and the bill.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the number of referrals for intentionally caused or staged accidents in Nevada increased by 21 percent from 2012 to 2013. These staged accidents aim at collecting insurance compensation for property or bodily harm. Oftentimes, the accident stagers will drive with multiple passengers in the car who also report bodily harm due to the accident. Then the victim’s insurance company is stuck with the bill.

There are several tactics people attempting intentional accidents will use. Many of the tactics make the innocent driver appear as if they are at fault for causing the accident. One such tactic is called the “Swoop and Squat.” This tactic occurs when the conniving driver suddenly enters the lane in front of the victim or “cuts them off” and then causes the victim to brake suddenly, which causes an unavoidable rear-end collision.

These type of drivers have many tactics they use. However, they also use circumstance to their advantage. If you see a driver around you behaving strangely or erratically, use caution, or alert authorities of their behavior. Staged accidents are one of the fastest growing types of insurance fraud around the United States. Prevent their attempts at mayhem and drive defensively at all times.

Source: CBS Las Vegas, “Nevada AG: Watch out for staged car accidents,” Dec. 23, 2014


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