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What are the risk factors for tractor-trailer rollovers?

Drivers and passengers in Nevada and elsewhere have an interest in reducing truck accidents. That is even truer in recent years because of an increase in both tractor-trailer traffic and truck accidents.

One topic examined by these studies looking into this trend is rollovers. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are several causes for rollovers.

Often, a tractor-trailer can lose control and begin to roll over when the operator is driving too fast for current road conditions. What could these conditions be? Conditions such as weather or a change in traffic conditions can result in a rollover. Also, aerodynamically, tractor trailers are more prone to rollovers at certain speeds. Especially if the tractor trailer is carrying liquid loads that can shift unfavorably.

A full liquid tank can mean one wrong move by the driver can result in a rollover. Surprisingly, partial liquid load can also spell disaster. This is because the liquid inside the partially full tanker has more room to move and dispel its weight. This is a factor in rollovers 94 percent of the time.

While there is no complete fool-proof prevention for rollovers, there are factors that can be managed. When managed in a smart way, it greatly decreases the risk of a rollover. However, there can unfortunately be instances in which these safety measures are not followed, sometimes leading to serious accidents involving injury or possibly death.

In such situations, a case of negligence may be at the core. Victims of such incidents often have legal options available to them to recover damages inflicted by the accident. Compensation for elements such as medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and more can sometimes be recovered in cases of negligence. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney in time such as these can help alleviate some stress and formulate a solid plan of legal action if necessary.

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