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An aggressive driver in Reno can be held accountable

It happens every day. You’re driving down the interstate when all of a sudden another driver is following too closely behind you, honking the horn and making rude gestures. This sort of behavior is according to highway safety experts a form aggressive driving, which is a serious problem on Nevada roadways.

What behaviors do aggressive drivers engage in? They may tailgate or fail to stop at a red light. Speeding can also be a sign of aggressive driving. In addition, drivers that often change lanes, always trying to get in front of the cars ahead of them, may be driving aggressively. Expressing frustration through unnecessary honking of the horn, road rage or making violent gestures or threats are also signs of aggressive driving.

So what should a person who is facing an aggressive driver do? First, try to stay away from aggressive drivers. Switch lanes if you are able to do so safely or use other maneuvers to take yourself out of a dangerous situation. Avoiding eye contact may also be a good idea, as is avoiding responding to aggressive drivers through angry gestures. Instead, ignore the aggressor’s maneuvers. One should also consider calling the police (of course, not while behind the wheel of a car) to report an aggressive driver.

Depending on the circumstances, when aggressive driving leads to a car accident, the aggressive driver could be found negligent. This may be the case if a driver is engaging in a behavior that does not conform to the duty to drive reasonably under the circumstances. While one may feel stress while driving, one should not resort to aggressive driving, which is in reality never safe. Should an aggressive driver cause a car accident, the driver may find himself or herself facing a lawsuit.

Those injured by aggressive drivers can soon find themselves overwhelmed by medical expenses and pain and suffering, all of which is made even more unbearable if the victim is rendered unable to work. By holding aggressive drivers in Nevada responsible, accident victims may be able to get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

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