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Consult with an attorney after motorcycle accident

People in the Reno area who have been in a motorcycle wreck know that there are many difficult consequences of these accidents. First, your physical condition may be sub-par due to injuries you suffered during the accident. These could cause you to take some time off from work in order to recover, which may stint your finances. Not to mention the condition of your motorcycle; needless to say it needs some repair work. You may be able to recover damages for these problems.

This is true if a driver who struck you was negligent at the time of your motorcycle accident. If someone else was not practicing safe driving and was responsible for the accident, you are eligible for monetary damages. If recovered, these damages could help with the lost wages and medical or repair bills that you owe after a motorcycle accident.

This is where it may be wise to consult with an attorney such as the legal staff at Bradley, Drendel and Jeanney. We are well-versed about the law and your rights after a motorcycle accident. Do not allow an insurance company to fool you into accepting a low amount of damages for an accident. We can help you make educated decisions at every legal stage of the process.

Understanding the facts of your case and legal process is the start to initiating a legal claim after a motorcycle accident. After a full investigation, an experienced attorney can use the evidence to present a compelling case as to why the negligent party should pay for accident-related damages. Allow for the wrongs to be righted in the case of a motorcycle accident. Seek vindication and compensation after your or a loved one’s injury.


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