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Grandmother, child killed by drunk driver while waiting for bus

When tragedies come across the news waves, it can affect the entire Nevada community. Recently, news stations reported a sad incident concerning a grandmother, her grandchild and a driver accused of drunk driving. This story, while sad and unfortunate, sets the stage for drunk driving prevention. It is a blunt reminder that drunk drivers could be anywhere and disaster could strike at any time. Many are hopeful that these accidents could be prevented in the future.

According to reports, a grandmother and grandchild were waiting for a bus at a corner, along with five other people. Suddenly, around 2:30 p.m., a vehicle drove off the road and struck the two-some, along with another 18-month-old girl. Sadly, the grandmother and grandchild were killed, while the 18-month-old suffered minor injuries. The driver reportedly fled the scene of the accident and hid a few blocks away before he was discovered by authorities.

The driver has officially been charged with two counts of DUI involving death and one count of failing to stop at the scene of an accident. The victims were both from Las Vegas, Nevada. The driver will likely endure severe legal punishment due to the crime he allegedly committed. The family members of the victims may also seek a civil suit for wrongful death.

Although all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, news reports for this incident are pointing towards the latter. Despite any discrepancy over what happened, the outcome is that two people have tragically lost their lives due to the incident at the bus stop. Whatever the legal outcome, it is important for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of the possibility of drunk drivers around every corner. Likewise, it’s important for those injured by drunk drivers – and family members of those who have been killed – to seek legal advice following a drunk driving accident.

Source: 8newsnow.com, “Coroner identifies grandmother, child killed in crash,” March 30, 2015


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