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The real costs associated with car accidents

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer the medical disturbances associated with motor-vehicle accidents. Car accidents can happen so quickly and leave passengers with a wide-range of medical issues. But, what are the financial costs associated with such injuries? Recently, the Center for Disease Control compiled car accident data and financial statistics in order to answer this question.

One shocking statistic is that every 10 seconds a person is treated in a medical facility for a motor-vehicle accident related injury. For many, that could mean that in the time it took to read this far, someone was admitted to a hospital for just such an injury. Direct medical care costs related to car accidents exceeded $17 billion according to the CDC. This is just a portion of the total cost of $99 billion in 2005. This does include loss of wages and productivity due to car accident related injuries.

Teens and young adults are the most affected by car accident related injuries. Although they only compromise 14 percent of the total population, they accounted for $31 billion of total costs which is 28 percent. Young adults and parents of teens should take note of this actuality in statistics. This is cold hard proof that teens and young adults are more susceptible to injury behind the wheel of a vehicle than older age groups. Injuries affecting these people could cost them both financially and in other ways for the rest of their life.

It is important to be aware of the potential risks and consequences associated with motor vehicles and potential accidents. Many suffer from injuries related to a car accident for the rest of their lives. The CDC has officially put a number on the financial costs associated with these type of injuries. Sadly, financial burden is a real possibility for those affected by motor-vehicle related injuries.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC study finds annual costs of motor vehicle crashes exceed $99 billion,” Accessed April 13, 2015


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