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Reno spinal cord injury sufferers need not face it alone

Can those who have suffered a severe spinal cord injury ever fully recover? This is a question many Reno residents and their families ask after an accident that renders one with a spinal cord injury. Many times this injury is the result of a car accident in which another driver was mostly responsible for causing the accident. When an innocent person’s life is affected in such a terrible way, there may be ways to prove the liability of the responsible party.

What this means for the injured and their family is that someone may be held accountable for their actions, or inaction, on the day of the accident. It can also mean a much-needed relief from the expenses that plague spinal cord injury sufferers and their family. These expenses can manifest in the form of medical expenses both immediately following the accident and long-term medical care needed after a permanent injury like a spinal cord injury. Many spinal cord injury sufferers are unable to return to their career and take a hit on their income as well.

At Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney we understand the hardship you and your family have been under if suffering from a spinal cord injury. When diagnosed with a spinal cord injury it can be very devastating for the injured and their family because of the long-term injury sometimes associated with such an injury. Many people describe their life in two ways after the injury: before and after injury. Do not think that your finances need to suffer if this injury is the direct result of another driver’s negligence.

Paralysis is the most commonly thought of ailment directly resulting from a spinal cord injury. Reno accident victims who have been diagnosed with paralysis after a car accident will have many medical bills and costs of healthcare in their future. Suffering due to this incident will not be overlooked in a legal setting. All of these factors together will be judged in order to determine your recoup for incurred losses to you and your family.


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