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Two teens among increasing number of Nevada road fatalities

When it comes to how Reno residents should approach getting behind the wheel, safety should be the top concern. This is because fatalities have been an increasing problem on Nevada roads recently. The reasons behind these accidents vary; but one prevalent reason has been accidents caused by a drunk driver. If convicted, these drunk driving offenders can face consequences beyond criminal penalties.

One tragic case that has surfaced once again in local reports is the story of two teen girls who lost their lives in a car accident near Las Vegas. The driver of the other vehicle was reportedly driving at speeds in excess of 100 miles-per-hour when the driver struck the vehicle carrying the two teens. The negligent driver is also suspected of driving under the influence at the time of the accident. The driver could potentially be the target of a wrongful death suit as a result of the two girls’ deaths.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), these teen girls are not the only two who have been killed on Nevada roads this year. Nearly 60 people have perished this year. NHP attributes this increase in road fatalities to speeding and other negligent behavior such as texting and driving. Fatalities are up 10 percent from this time of last year on Nevada roads. Because of this, authorities are urging citizens to slow down and to stop all distracted driving activities while behind the wheel.

For those who have personally been affected by the destruction a drunk driver can cause, there are legal options. Those suspected of drunk driving often face criminal investigation. This investigation can lend itself useful when trying to prove civil liability against that driver. Proof of liability can mean compensation for the victims of the negligent driver.

Source: KSNV News3LV, “Two Vegas Teens Among Growing Road Fatality Victims,” Christine Kim, July 28, 2015


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