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Nevada motorcyclist seriously injured in crash

Motorcyclists are usually well aware of the serious dangers they face when they hop on their bike to take a ride. Since motorcyclists are just one of the many forms of vehicles on Nevada roads, they stand at a disadvantage. This is based on the sheer size of the other vehicles that they travel alongside. One motorcyclist found this out the hard way when he was involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle last week near U.S. 95.

The motorcycle accident happened during the afternoon last holiday weekend. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, they received a call about a collision between a passenger vehicle and the motorcyclist on Boulder Highway. According to the NHP state trooper, the accident occurred when the motorcyclist was traveling northbound. He was struck when a car turned into the path of the motorcyclist causing severe injuries to the motorcyclist.

A full investigation will determine exactly what caused the vehicle to turn into the path of the motorcycle. Oftentimes this is a case where the motorcyclist was not seen by the driver of the passenger vehicle. Since the driver of the passenger vehicle believe none is there, they then fail to yield to the oncoming motorcyclist. If this is in fact what happened, the passenger driver will face charges related to negligence.

If nothing else, this is a cautionary tale for all drivers. To passenger vehicle drivers, please be aware of the other types of vehicle drivers are on the road. Also, to motorcyclists, be aware that other drivers could be negligent and hit you unintentionally. Hopefully this story will prevent another accident from happening in the future.

Source: fox5vegas.com “Motorcyclist critically injured in crash near Boulder Station,” Leslie Salguero, Sept. 6, 2015


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