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Who could be liable for a truck accident that caused my injuries?

On any Nevada freeway today, they can’t be missed. Huge 18-wheelers cruising down the highway, they are massive and due to their sheer size much more dangerous than regular passenger vehicles. Most of these large trucks are hauling commercial cargo from place to place and it is the driver’s job to drive safely. Sadly, sometimes this isn’t the case and for one reason or another it causes a terrible truck accident that injures an innocent party.

There are many reasons a driver or a trucking company can be negligent and cause a truck accident that injures innocent people. One way is simply if the truck driver is not operating his or her truck safely. This could come in the form of speeding, driving under influence, not stopping for his regulated breaks (and therefore driving fatigued) — just to name a few. Besides the driver, the trucking company itself could be liable for injuries caused to an innocent party if they hired a truck driver with a bad record, put a faulty truck into operation, overloaded the cargo or other negligent actions.

What this means for an injured party is that there can be multiple reasons for a truck accident and multiple parties liable for the destruction it has caused. For example, a truck driver could have fallen asleep at the wheel because he was not stopping for his scheduled breaks. However, the truck company could also be responsible when they did not reprimand the driver for this law-breaking dangerous activity in the past and still continued to employ him. When the trucking company put this negligent driver behind the wheel they can be just as guilty as the driver himself.

Most truck drivers and truck companies operate in a safe manner that puts people’s lives first. However, there are a minority of drivers and truck companies that operate in a way that endangers lives. For those that act this way, there can be serious consequences for their actions that injured innocent people. To get to the bottom of the incident, a full investigation is a great place to start looking for answers.

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