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Spinal cord injury data examined

There is one type of injury that can be specifically debilitating and difficult to rehabilitate. This injury is a spinal cord injury where the spinal column or nerves are damaged due to an incident. Many people associate spinal cord injury with sports, falls or even violence, but there is one means of spinal cord injury that is more prevalent than the rest. The way many suffer a spinal cord injury is in a car accident.

Approximately 12,500 new spinal cord injuries occur every year and of that total, 38 percent have been attributed to vehicular accidents. Average yearly expenses in the first year of injury average between 347,000 and over one million depending on the severity of the injury. This can mean very expensive medical expenses for the injured and their families.

Medical expenses in the first year can be extremely expensive, but there is also future medical care to think of. Worse, a person may no longer be able to work due to their spinal cord injury. This can mean a loss of wages that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred had not the accident caused the spinal cord injury.

If there is a negligent party at play, they can sometimes be held responsible for the harm inflicted. Do not delay. The process cannot be concluded overnight; get a jump start. Think of what a victim of a victim’s family could recover from a negligent party if they are proven responsible for the incident.

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