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Impairment suspected in Nevada two-vehicle crash

There are many dangerous and illegal activities that could result in a terrible car accident on Reno roads. One of these activities is drunk driving. One recent two-vehicle accident is being investigated by Nevada police as a possible drunk driving accident.

The crash occurred in the early afternoon. The driver suspected of impairment was driving his Chevy southbound on the SR88 while another vehicle traveling west on Mottsville Lane approached the intersection. One of the motorists was then believed to have run a red light causing the vehicle driving westbound to crash into the side of it. Luckily, all victims involved in the crash were wearing their seatbelt, but that did not stop them from suffering injuries in the crash. The Nevada Highway Patrol says they suspect that impairment was involved in the crash, and they have obtained a blood draw from the driver of the Chevy.

No toxicology reports have been officially released to date. However, if the authorities believe that they have evidence of drunk driving behavior from the driver of the Chevy, it could be useful injured victims in a personal injury suit. Such evidence can be key to proving negligent behavior after a car accident that causes injuries. There are many potential financial ramifications after a car accident, so it may be in the injured’s best interest to seek reparations.

Whatever the injured parties in this accident decide to do, the facts are facts. One minute they were driving along in their vehicle and the next they were sliding across the intersection coming to an abrupt halt in a neighbor’s yard. In accidents like this, victims may want to research whether they have a legal cause of action.

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