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Information to collect after a truck accident

Trucks transport the goods and services necessary to keep our households and businesses running. While trucks are a necessary and important part of our economy, they can also be dangerous to those that travel alongside them on Nevada roads. Trucks can weigh several tons and any collision with another vehicle can result in serious injuries to other drivers.

Those injured in truck accidents are likely to have enormous medical expenses, property damage, lost of wages loss of quality of life and other damages. Truck accidents can easily lead to fatal injuries, and in these cases, surviving family members may, in addition to the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one, suffer financial damages such as loss of income.

Personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits involving a truck accident can be very complicated. In addition to the serious damages the victims and their families face, the question of liability in a truck accident can be more complicated in a truck accident case than in other types of motor vehicle accident cases. The truck driver may be held liable, but often so too may be the driver’s employer or other businesses involved with putting the truck on the road.

Whenever possible, it is a good idea for affected families to collect some basic information about the truck accident that may help establish fault and negligence. These can include the name of the trucking company, the truck driver’s name and commercial driver’s license number, the truck’s license plate and other identifying details.

An attorney with experience in truck accident matters can help the injured or their family members to understand their legal options.


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