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What are some of the dangers facing Reno motorcyclists?

The freedom and fun that motorcycles bring their operators and passengers is unsurpassed by any other mode of transportation. This is one of the main reasons that motorcyclists choose to travel this way. With all that freedom and fun does come some risk. Motorcyclists are about 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a passenger car, and are five times as likely to be injured.

With these crazy statistics in mind, there must be certain factors contributing to such motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Sometimes other motorists are partially or completely responsible for the injuries or fatality a Reno resident suffered in a motorcycle accident. Unique to motorcyclists are issues afflicting them more than any other type of vehicle on the road. There are issues of road hazards and visual recognition on Reno roads since motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and thus harder to spot.

When motorcycles are harder to spot, passenger vehicles may fail to yield to oncoming motorcyclists and can potentially strike them broadside. Obviously injuries resulting from this would be catastrophic to the motorcyclist. Oncoming traffic poses a huge threat to motorcyclists because if one loses control it could be devastating for the motorcyclist as far as bodily injury. Serious injuries due to a negligent driver should be appropriated for.

A full investigation of a motorcycle accident can help to determine if another driver was at fault for injuries a motorcyclist suffered. Understanding how data and evidence can contribute to a personal injury suit is important to reaping financial benefit. There are many ways to go about this. Experts can help point the injured and their families in the right direction.

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