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Bus and car collide, leaving more than a dozen injured

Nevada is a big draw for tourists, especially in Las Vegas and Reno. This brings an influx of traffic and people into the city which is great for the economy and many other aspects. One such tourist bus, which was carrying over a dozen people, was traveling on Nevada’s I-15 when disaster struck the bus and all of the people riding on it.

The tourist bus was traveling in one of the middle lanes on I-15 when a Toyota passenger vehicle traveling in the left lane made a sudden move toward the center lane. When the Toyota swerved, it struck the passenger van, which caused the bus to roll onto its side. The details of the crash are still under investigation by the Nevada Highway Patrol, however there are at least 13 people confirmed injured in the crash.

Their injuries range from mild to severe with patients scattered across area hospitals. Their health is of number one importance, but likely the patients and their families may be wondering how they will afford the best medical care with medical expenses at an all-time high. While the reason behind the crash has not been determined, the driver of the Toyota was arrested on suspicion of DUI immediately following the car accident. If true, this will be a driving force behind any civil suits that the injured victims may file.

While none of injuries in this crash have been reported as fatal, this is the only silver lining so far. The injured victims should understand their available legal options and should stay abreast of any developments in the crash investigation.

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