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What are estimated lifelong costs of spinal cord injury?

There are few injuries more debilitating and life altering than those associated with a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury can happen due to many reasons. However, some of the more shocking and unexpected are spinal cord injuries resulting from a work accident, car accident or other event based on the negligence of someone else. Besides the lifestyle changes that those suffering from a spinal cord injury may have to deal with, there are serious financial costs associated with spinal cord injury.

Basically, there are immediate costs due to the actual injury incident, and lifelong costs associated with continued care and rehabilitation. For those suffering from paraplegia or the loss of use of two limbs, the average first year costs total about $518,000 alone. Each subsequent year costs approximately $68,000 in medical expenses.

When someone else causes an accident that results in a spinal cord injury, the injured victim and their family have legal options. The law allows those who have been wronged to collect for their injury and any damages. A person in this situation should understand how to move forward under Nevada law.

There are many reasons that those who have suffered injury may want to recover and pin responsibility on the appropriate party. As much as one hopes this will never happen, accidents involving spinal cord injury are a reality for some people in the Reno area. A legal claim cannot restore an injured person’s life back to what it was before the spinal cord injury. However, compensation can help the person get medical care and treatment so that they can move forward from such a traumatic event.

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