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Catastrophic injury from motorcycle accident is compensable

Motorcycles offer the freedom of the open road and a feeling that is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. While this is great, motorcyclists are also susceptible to collisions with passenger vehicles and other motor vehicles. This puts the driver and any passenger on the motorcycle in danger of catastrophic injuries. If a Reno motorcycle accident has left you or a loved one with such a bodily injury, compensation may be available.

Such compensation could be received by an injured person if the motorcycle accident was caused, in total or in part, by a negligent party. This could be a negligent driver, for example, who failed to yield to a motorcyclist when they had the right-of-way. Even if the motorcyclist is worried that their actions the day of the accident could have contributed to the accident, they should still research their legal options. This is because Nevada law measures and appropriates liability for accident damages based the parties’ percentage of fault.

If a motorcyclist is the victim of catastrophic injuries like broken bones, or such an injury that requires extensive medical care, this situation could make compensation necessary. Medical costs are not cheap, and in order to receive the care to rehabilitate, it will cost money. Not every cost associated with injury will be covered by insurance. Accident victims can offset those costs through a personal injury claim naming the responsible party who contributed to the crash, and injuries suffered in said motorcycle accident.

For those who find themselves in a situation where they, or a loved one, have suffered an unexpected injury, there are often many questions. At Bradley, Drendel and Jeanney, we help people who are in this position. Settle the confusion by deciding on a course of action. Once the plan starts to unfold, it will become clearer how to proceed and thus things will seem much more manageable. Also, our firm’s website is a good starting point to gather some helpful information on how to move forward.


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