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Comparative negligence and motorcycle accident injuries?

Motorcyclists and their passengers love the feeling and the freedom of the open road. Because weather in Reno and the surrounding area is suited for motorcycles most of the year, it is a great place to get out and ride. But what happens when a motorcyclist is involved in a car accident causing catastrophic injury? What if the injured isn’t sure who is at fault for causing the crash?

This is understandable because motorcycle accidents can happen so quickly. A full investigation can help to reveal the cause or causes of the crash. Even if a motorcyclist is partially at fault for the crash, they can still recover for the other person’s portion of responsibility for causing the crash. This is called comparative negligence and is applied when multiple parties are at least partially at fault for causing an accident.

Oftentimes, oncoming traffic does not appropriately yield to other drivers and motorcyclists. For example, a passenger vehicle taking a left does not yield to a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction going straight. The two collide, but it turns out the motorcyclist was traveling in speeds excess of the speed limit. This is a scenario that could qualify for comparative negligence damages because both parties are potentially at fault for causing the motorcycle accident.

Whatever the scenario, victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer serious injuries. If these injuries are due to the actions of another person, it is important to understand how this may affect the injured person’s legal options. Medical bills, lost wages and other expenses can really bust the budget. Victims and their family members should not have to shoulder all of the expenses if someone else was at least partially to blame for the accident.

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