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Making a case after Reno drunk driving accident causes injuries

It is hard to imagine that anyone would make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol. However, this is a decision and an action that happens every day out on Reno roads. Driving drunk puts the driver and other drivers and pedestrians at risk every moment that a person operates that vehicle. After an accident injury caused by a drunk driver, there is certain evidence that victims can use to to prove that drunk driving was a cause in the accident.

Serious injuries and the corresponding medical expenses are common after a run-in with a drunk driver. There are ways to prove that what happened was due to a drunk driving accident. For example, the blood-alcohol content of the suspected driver can be great evidence that the driver was impaired and failed to exercise reasonable care. An investigation will likely unearth some evidence like this.

Using this evidence in the proper way is important in proving fault after such a terrible misfortune. Equally as important is showing the full extent of the monetary damages that resulted from the accident. Medical expenses can completely bury a family financially, but are not the only financial consequences of a drunk driving accident. A person may also face substantial loss due to not being able to work while recovering from their injuries.

So many Reno residents suffer injury after the carelessness or negligence of another. Drunk driving accidents fall under that description. While no person can control how others act, they can control how they react to a less than favorable situation. Consider how the injury affects the injured and their family both short and long term.

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