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Major Narcotic Trafficking Case in Reno

Last week, news broke out about a major narcotic trafficking case negatively impacting many members of our community. Many questions remain as to how a Nevada licensed physician could prescribe massive amounts of narcotics for many months without being detected and stopped. Why weren’t pharmacies able to discover the scheme and stop it? Why wasn’t the Nevada Board of Pharmacy, which is tasked with the administration of the Prescription Monitoring Program, able to detect the scheme and stop it?

The firm of Bradley, Drendel and Jeanney currently represents several families suffering from injury and loss linked to this trafficking case. Bradley, Drendel and Jeanney lawyers are actively and aggressively investigating this matter in order to provide those affected with accurate, timely information. For more than 60 years, BDJ has served our community by providing experienced legal advice to Nevadans tragically impacted by the reckless conduct of others.

For more information regarding BDJ’s involvement in this case, please visit: http://www.rgj.com/story/news/2016/04/29/family-links-sons-death-federal-oxycodone-drug-bust-reno/83720186/

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