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Serious spinal cord injury needs no-nonsense representation


Everyone has heard about the injuries associated with a spinal-cord injury. Most people, understandably, associate spinal cord injury with paralysis, or the loss of feeling of sensation in parts of the body. But many do not know that the effects of spinal cord injury can include many different ailments and disabilities. While not all injuries are as severe as paralysis, any spinal cord injury is cause for concern since injury to that part of the body could result in long-term medical care.

The spinal cord can be injured in many different scenarios. Car accidents are one, work accidents are another and let’s not forget about other types of accidents that can result in spinal cord injury. If diagnosed with paralysis after a car accident injury, this is the type of life-long injury that would require medical care you may not have otherwise needed. In addition, there could be lost wages if your spinal cord injury renders you unable to work like you could prior to the injury.


Medical costs, as those suffering spinal cord injury already know, can be sky-high. This cost of healthcare should not deter anyone injured with a spinal cord injury from seeking proper medical care or rehabilitation. At Bradley, Drendel and Jeannie we want to help those suffering from injury due to the negligence of another. If it was proven that another party was careless, or in some other way responsible, for an injured’s spinal cord injury, they could be held legally liable for damages.

What this means is that the injured party and their family could receive compensation after a Nevada accident results in spinal cord injury. There is no reason that a person injured by the actions of another should feel like they have to carry this burden alone. The legal staff at Bradley, Drendel and Jeannie are here to help. Spinal cord injury can have short and long-term consequences that should be fully considered.


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