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If injured by a Reno drunk driver, get compensation

Few car accidents are as preventable as those where intoxicated driving is a factor. It is simple: if the operator of a motor vehicle does not consume alcohol, it will not be a factor in causing a car accident. Unfortunately, too many Reno residents do not heed caution when it comes to drinking and driving behaviors. They can, have and will cause unnecessary car accidents and serious injuries to innocent drivers.

For those who find themselves on the losing end of this situation, there is much that can be put at stake for a person and family. Worries about how to pay mounting medical bills, stresses about returning to work and not to mention a damaged vehicle can really put a damper on everyday life. Drunk drivers can be held accountable in both criminal and personal injury court. The decisions found in a criminal court (such as a DUI conviction) can positively affect proceedings for the injured who is seeking damages after a drunk driving accident.

Even if the injured is worried about being found partially at fault after a drunk driving accident, this should not deter them from seeking reparations. It is likely that if it is found that a driver was in fact driving over legal intoxication limits, they are equally, if not majorly, at fault for causing the crash and corresponding injuries.

Nonetheless, each case is different. For this reason, it is important to discover what facts and evidence weighs more significantly on a particular case involving a drunk driving accident.

Much can be learned from a scenario where injuries and damages run rampant. It may not all be positive, but it is important that in bad situations the injured attempts to find the silver lining. Maybe the silver lining is excellent legal representation, like that found at Bradley Drendle and Jeanney. Whatever the situation, they are here to help.


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