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Contributing factors in Reno truck accidents

Most Reno residents do not think of the roadway as a particularly dangerous place. However, people should be aware that the average commercial truck weighs 25 times the weight of an average passenger vehicle. Why does this matter?

This matters because when a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle collide, it can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. There can be many contributing factors that can precede such terrible truck accidents. Oftentimes dangerous freight being towed or improperly maintenance trucks or even truck driver fatigue can be to blame. Discovering what the root cause or causes of a truck accident are can be difficult to assess immediately after the crash.

A full investigation can help to uncover just what influenced a truck accident to happen. Usually it is a combination of factors that surmounted to be too much, thus causing the crash. It is possible that the truck driver, truck company or even the company of the freight the truck driver was carrying could be found negligent for the truck accident and subsequent injuries. Making a claim for such an incidence is filed in personal injury court.

After reading this or experiencing a truck accident first-hand, it is obvious to most how dangerous the roads can be. While most drivers operate legally and with a reasonable standard of care, this is not true of everyone on the road today. If another driver’s actions caused an accident with serious injuries or even death, it is meaningful to put the blame on the appropriate party’s shoulders. Filing a claim for a truck accident is the first step in that process after suffering injury.

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