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Take action in Reno if injured by a distracted driver

It is illegal for a Reno driver to be behind the wheel while texting and driving. This law was passed for obvious reasons; if you are looking at your phone you are not looking at the road. Distracted driving is not limited to texting and driving, as many Reno drivers know all too well. Distracted driving encompasses several common behaviors that take the attention of the driver away from the road.

Driving behaviors and the risks associated with distracted driving are dangerous and can leave that driver and other innocent drivers on the road at risk for a car accident and the resulting injuries from such a collision. Awareness for this issue is so important as it is 100 percent preventable.

If Reno drivers did not participate in distracted driving behaviors, it could prevent the many car crashes and injuries associated with them. The silver lining for injured drivers and their families is that there is a way to seek compensation for the losses suffered after a run-in with a distracted driver.

Compensation could be awarded through a personal injury suit against the driver or drivers who are believed to have caused the accident. At Bradley, Drendle and Jeannie we have helped hundreds of clients seek compensation for injuries suffered in auto accidents. It’s important that those injured get the justice they deserve. Considering how a person’s actions can have such a reverberating affects on an innocent person, it makes sense to consider compensation after injuries sustained to you or a loved one in an accident.

There isn’t much one can do if they are hoping to turn back the hands of time after a car accident. Distracted driving is not a tolerated behavior for Reno drivers behind the wheel. While the driver may have not had any malicious intent at the time, they could still be found negligent for the crash and corresponding injuries. This is certainly something to be considered if a family is in financial trouble when the expenses related to auto accident injury begin to mount.


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