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What constitutes distracted driving in a Reno car accident?

There are many driving behaviors that Reno drivers are practicing today that are inherently unsafe. What are they? Most of the driving behaviors fall under the category of distracted driving. With everyone’s busy lives, it is understandable how someone could fall victim to these dangerous behaviors.

However, this does not make distracted driving okay or permissible under Nevada law. Distracted driving includes any behavior or activity that takes a driver’s eyes off the road or mental concentration away from driving. Some common behaviors that fall under this definition are eating, texting or even reading or putting on make-up. If a person is injured in a car accident and they can prove that the other driver was engaging in one of these activities, then the behavior can constitute reckless driving and could be used as a factor in determining liability after a car accident.

While these distracted drivers may not have had any ill-intentions, the outcome is still the same if it results in injuries to innocent drivers and passengers. Distracted driving is definitely grounds for filing a personal injury suit if one is injured in an accident. If another person’s carelessness was a factor in causing a car accident, they can be held accountable. Each personal injury case due to a car accident is different and will require specific points in order to prove fault of another driver.

Luckily, there is top-notch medical care available for those who have suffered injuries in a car accident. This care can help return an injured person’s life to normal. However, even with insurance, this care will not come free. Financially, it can be extremely beneficial to prove fault after a Reno car accident.

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