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Nevada driver suspected to be impaired at time of deadly crash

Of the car accidents that are seemingly senseless, those involving intoxicated or drunk driving are particularly cringe-worthy. All other factors aside, it would appear that any car accident, and the resulting injuries, could have been prevented had the driver chosen to get behind the wheel sober. Because your physical and mental state is affected by alcohol, this is a legitimate claim. The legal way to state this claim is by filing a personal injury suit after you or loved one suffers injury or fatality due to a drunk driving accident.

Car accidents involving intoxicated drivers are more common than some are aware of. Just the other week, two people lost their lives in a Nevada car accident where the other driver is suspected of intoxicated driving. According to police, the driver had been drinking before getting behind the wheel. In addition, it’s alleged the driver was street racing and exceeding the legal speed limit.

It is very possible that had the driver not been allegedly impaired at the time of the fatal crash, he wouldn’t have made the choice to street race. Bad decisions and intoxication tend to go hand-in-hand. However, most people choose not to get behind the wheel after a few drinks. A person who has been drinking can call a friend or a driving service for a ride, or even stay the night at a friend’s house or hotel. There is no excuse or explanation for drunk driving and the law will treat that decision as such.

This particular incident has yet to be decided in Nevada state court. While criminal charges are pending, the deceased person’s family may be thinking about bringing a suit of their own. It seems so senseless, the loss of life of a loved one. Many people in the community will mourn the early and unfortunate deaths. A full investigation can help to bring more closure to exactly what or who was the reasoning behind the deadly crash.

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