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Long-term care costs associated with spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury is a complicated injury that is often elusive and difficult for medical professionals to cure or treat. That being said, spinal cord injury often requires special medical attention and long-term rehabilitation. Thousands are injured every year in a way that is classified as SCI or spinal cord injury. U.S. Veterans suffering a spinal cord injury for 2 years or longer were the focus of a study that aimed at determining cost associated with such injury.

Focusing in on annual costs, the study determined that, on average, annual costs associated with spinal cord injury totaled just over $20,000 per person. This included costs of out-patient and hospital care. 11,000 Americans are hospitalized every year in connection with spinal cord injury. Each person on average will therefore incur costs annually around $20,000 on average after the two year mark.

Since their has been much focused on study of immediate spinal cord injury and not long-term spinal cord injury, these findings are significant. It puts a ballpark number on how much medical costs will be once the immediate injury has been dealt with and long-term conditions begin to set it. Spinal cord injury often requires much rehabilitation and even potentially future hospitalizations. Since medical costs can vary greatly, understanding what the long-term costs of an injury can be is eye-opening.

Families of spinal cord injury can take this study as a baseline for answering questions associated with long-term cost associated with such as injury. Top-notch medical care is always appropriate for someone injured unnecessarily in a Reno car accident, or similar incident. Since the spine is so delicate, it can suffer irreparable harm. Giving the injured the best chance at a full recovery is most important.

Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, “Health Care Costs for Patients with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury in the Veterans Health Administration,” Accessed December 26, 2016


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