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Negligent driver may have caused loved one’s spinal cord injury

Many drivers are unaware of the dangers that exist on Reno roads today. While normally aware and careful, some drivers may not grasp the potential for serious injury on Reno roads. The reality is that there are plenty of opportunities for a driver or a passenger to become seriously injured in a car accident. If a car accident causes a person to suffer a spinal cord injury, the injured person or their family may be wondering about how a potentially negligent driver could have affected the situation.

Not all car accidents are due to another driver’s negligence. But when it comes to an injury as serious as a spinal cord injury, it is certainly worth looking into. Spinal cord injuries will vary greatly in severity, but one thing they usually have in common is the need for some level of rehabilitation or physical therapy. Costs associated with that type of medical care can pile up quickly, and all of the costs may not be covered by a medical insurance plan.

This is where proving fault of another driver is important. If an injured party can prove that another driver’s negligence contributed to the car accident and the resulting injury, the blame and damages can be partially, if not entirely, their legal responsibility. Their insurance company or lawyer will likely dispute their client’s involvement, but if a person is liable for an accident it can be proven with facts gathered through an investigation.

With medical costs soaring and insurance premiums covering less and less, it is certainly something for a family to think about. In terms of spinal cord injury, the injured could be looking at months or even years of physical therapy and rehabilitation. The goal is always to restore the injured to the best of health. But sometimes that is not possible, and monetary damages are the only available recourse.

The attorneys at Bradley Drendel and Jeannie know how to prosecute these kinds of cases, and work vigorously on behalf their injured website. Our website has more information about the firm and how we handle cases involving severe injuries like a spinal cord injury.


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