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Death and discharge rates after accident injury on Nevada roads

When it comes to understanding the relationship between car accident injury and long-term effects, it left many people scratching their heads since everyone’s experience after a Nevada car accident is so unique. Two Nevada organizations, The University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) and the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety formed a partnership to establish how car accident injuries affected Nevadans long term. The data collected from both parties was used to take a look at the tracking of information from the crash scene to a patient’s hospital discharge.

UNSOM and the Nevada Dept. of Public Safety determined that 29,000 crash victims (motor-vehicle, motorcycle and pedestrian) that experienced an accident between 2005-2011, most returned home after the accident. However, between 11-12% of motor-vehicle and motorcycle accident victims, they were discharged to a nursing home or rehab facility after their accident. Just over 4% died from their injuries.

Statistics were slightly different for pedestrians involved in a car accident. Over 16 percent were admitted to rehab facilities and double the amount passed away due to the injuries they sustained. Since pedestrians are largely unprotected, it isn’t unusual to see that type of fatality rate. What is interesting is how a rehab facility can affect costs of medical care in the short and long-term. For 11 percent to 16 percent of the accident victims within that time period, they experienced the costs associated with rehabilitation after their accident.

The goals of the two organizations is to get a better picture of what life looks like post-crash for car accident injury victims. It is important to understand how it can affect the rest of the an injured person’s life and their family’s life. On a broad scale, it helps to determine the impact of crashes on human life, cost of care to our medical facilities and Nevada’s economy. Tracking these statistics can help to get a more informed picture on how car accident injuries affect the future.

Source: med.unr.edu, “Disposition of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle related trauma patients Nevada trauma patients from 2005-2011,” Accessed January 23, 2017


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