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Hit and run driver allegedly responsible for Nevada accident

In Nevada and around the United States, everyone who uses the public roadways agrees to abide by the traffic laws and the rules of the road. For example, while no physical barrier prevents vehicles from crossing a double yellow line, millions of cars pass each other in opposite directions each day without incident as most people respect the idea that the line represents. Likewise, when an accident does occur, it is understood that those involved stop and exchange information, and possibly cooperate with any investigation required by law enforcement. Sometimes, however, people do not respect the traffic laws, creating a problem for themselves and those affected by their actions.

For example, a recent accident in South Tahoe involving a car and a bicycle was resolved only because of the actions of police and someone who was not a party to the original incident. According to reports, a 33-year-old man hit a cyclist and then fled the scene of the accident. A passerby who witnessed the crash followed the car driver to a nearby residential area, where the man allegedly attempted to ram the witness’ vehicle. The witness eventually provided a specific description of the man to authorities who arrested him. He is suspected of being a drunk driver, and has been charged with various crimes in connection to the accident.

While it is not reported what injuries the cyclist suffered, any time a motor vehicle hits a bicycle, there is the potential for devastating injuries. Further, in this case, there was the potential for another crash involving the alleged perpetrator and the witness who followed him. Hit and run accidents can be especially difficult for injured victims, as not only do they not get to confront the person who hurt them, but it makes it more difficult to pursue legal compensation from an unidentified individual who caused injury.

The injuries that are possible in any kind of car accident can range from minor to life-altering. When the cause of such injuries is the negligence of another individual, such as a drunk driver, the victim can pursue compensation to help defray costs incurred due to the incident. Experienced personal injury attorneys in Nevada can help victims investigate and identify responsible parties, and initiate legal action to help the victims get compensation.

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