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Who is most likely to suffer Nevada spinal cord injury?

Most of us take our backs for granted. Even though practically every physical activity we engage in involves using our backs in one way or another, it is usually not something we think about until there’s a problem. When such a problem occurs, however, it can be debilitating, even if it is relatively minor, such as a pulled muscle. Further, the involvement of a spinal injury can create untold expenses and pain for Nevada residents unlucky enough to be subject to them.

Reports suggest that nearly 11,000 spinal injuries happen to people every year across the country. Almost 5,000 of these people may die before being hospitalized, and as many as 200,000 more may end up living with effects of a spinal cord injury. Also, while it may be that, in the popular imagination, back problems are associated with older people, this may not be the case when discussing injuries to the spine. Statistics indicate that the average age of a spinal cord injury victim is 32 years of age, and that the highest incidence of such types of injuries (on a per-capita basis) is in those between ages 16 and 30.

One reason for this younger than expected skew in spine injuries may have to do with the major causes of them. The highest single cause of spinal cord injury is motor vehicle accidents, which cause an estimated 38.5 percent of such injuries. Acts of violence and falls both also account for over 20 percent of spine injuries each. Younger people may be logging more hours driving, either commuting or traveling, and thus may be more prone to being involved in serious car wrecks. While falls may be more common with older individuals, they are also often a result of workplace accidents, so may also involve a younger demographic.

Interestingly, over 80 percent of spinal cord victims are men. This may be due to the fact that they are more likely to be victims of violence or be in jobs with a higher likelihood of physical danger. Whatever the cause of a spinal cord injury, it is irrefutable that they can create great hardship for both the sufferer and his or her family. Those Nevada residents affected by these injuries may wish to consider how to protect their legal rights.


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